Vice Principals season 2 trailer: Neal Gamby’s out for blood

Vice Principals

When Vice Principals returns to HBO with new episodes next month, it will be doing so with a more determined version of Neal Gamby than before. He’s out to find the responsible party in his shooting, he’s out to get his old job back, and … well, apparently he’s out to take advantage of his injury for as long as possible.

The opening of the new season 2 trailer below is incredibly funny, even if it does serve yet again as a reminder of some of Neal’s biggest character flaws: The man exudes arrogance, and often for little to no reason other than the notion that he loves to think of himself as the king of the castle. For some reason, ruling over North Jackson High with an iron fist is his Mount Everest, and he wants to stand at the top of it pounding his chest. He also has no problem kicking anyone off of the side of the mountain in the event that he gets what he wants.

Well, the problem is that his victory and sense of power at the school was short-lived; the moment after he and Lee Russell finally dispatched Belinda Brown as principal, using some of the most devious tricks in the book mind you, the character almost immediately found himself on the end of an assassination attempt. The shooter wore a mask, and they also came out of left field. We’ve had some very abrupt endings to television shows over the past year, but this one has to take the cake as one of the most abrupt of all, we don’t know how in a million years you would have been able to see it coming..

Moving beyond the cliffhanger ending, the trailer features Neal doing what seems to be his best impersonation of Carrie from Homeland, creating a board of potential suspects who could have been responsible for what happened to him. One of the biggest problems that he has is that everyone hates him. There are plenty of people out there who all have motives in one way or another for taking him down, even if there is a part of us thinking that it’s incredibly obvious that it is Lee who is responsible for this the most given that his motive is head and shoulders above the rest. He is the one who stood the most from stopping Neal from carrying out his duties, given that he would be able to be the new principal and with that, he would be able to rule the school in the way that he saw fit. (We’re starting to feel that there must be a feeling somewhere in this town that the school is cursed.)

You do get a glimpse of Belinda in this preview — she’s not gone from the school yet — just as you also get a glimpse of teacher Amanda Snodgrass. She and Neal had a brief romance last season, but he doesn’t exactly win any trophies for treating her well.

What’s your take on the Vice Principals trailer, and who do you think shot Neal? Share in the comments below!

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