Code Black: what will Season 3 bring for Dr. Leanne Rorish?

Code Black - LeanneFrom the beginning fans could see that Dr. Leanne Rorish was in charge and a natural born leader on CBS’s Code Black. The staff listened to her and respected her because she showed it in return. We soon learned about her terrible past and how the death of her husband and son has affected her life since. Despite everything she’s been through, she continues to see the positives in life through the patients that walk through the doors.

However, this was tested many times during the first two seasons, as she had to lead her colleagues and staff through horrible experiences one should never have in a hospital. From the unexpected murders of two colleagues in the hospital to battling a dangerously contagious virus, Dr. Leanne Rorish has never backed now.

She is played by the talented Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden, who without question plays Leanne with grace and understanding of who this doctor is and how she feels.

So moving into the upcoming season what can the show do with Dr. Leanne Rorish?

Having Ariel in her life – Obviously fans want to see Leanne’s new change in her life. We were given a small glimpse of this back in the season 2 finale, but now we hope to see this elaborated.

It’s obvious Leanne cares for Ariel, otherwise she wouldn’t have taken her in, but this could also bring her feelings of guilt. Leanne has experienced every mother’s truly worst nightmare; losing your husband and child. So now with her caring for Ariel, could there be apart of her that feelings guilty for being someone else’s mother-figure when she can’t be that for her own child? It would be a dynamic worth exploring this season because it would further expand out knowledge of this strong woman.

Part of the thrill of watching television shows is that we have the opportunity to get to know these characters so well, that we know them better than we know ourselves. So this interpersonal struggle that Leanne could face, would be another way fans feel as though we personally know this woman.

Keeping her relationship with Dr. Ethan Willis What makes Dr. Willis (Rob Lowe) and Leanne’s relationship work is that we know there are no romantic feelings. They are friends and nothing more. We don’t feel a romantic vibe, but more of a brother and sister one. When she is blocked about a patient’s diagnosis, Dr. Willis is the first person she turns to. The make each other better in their personal and professional lives.

The problem going into Season 3 is that it was previously announced that Dr. Willis will be spending more time in the field than in the ER. So how will the duo react to this? The exciting part of this concept is that the series should find a way to keep their friendship going, while also showing that they really do depend on one other.

It would reveal a lot about the two characters because despite both of them being extremely strong and independent people, it would show they we all need that person who makes us better. Sometimes they aren’t always around, but hopefully their voice and previous advice will be heard in our heads.

Challenge her professionally – Now we know she was tested at the end of Season 2 during the virus, but so was everyone else. During Season 3 it would be great to see Leanne medically challenged by a case. By doing this, we would get a further glimpse as to who she is as a doctor. What are her morals and values? How far would she go for a patient? All of these things would reveal more of this woman we think we know.

Fans know her overall story, now we want to know who she is deep down.

All in all, Dr. Leanne Rorish is a brillient character with so much more to tell. The writers know what they are doing and Marcia Gay Harden plays Leanne with such talent. Leanne is the one audiences follow through the show and the one we will always cheer for.

Code Black returns in early 2018 to CBS. For more news related to Code Blackbe sure to visit this link. (Photo: CBS)

This story was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at @SAM_iamXO.

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