Here’s when more NCIS season 15 premiere details could be released

NCIS season 15 premiereWe understand as much as anyone that there’s a thirst for more NCIS season 15 details out there — luckily, you may not have to wait too much longer.

When could the first press release and synopsis for season 15 come out? We checked back on our records for season 14, and learned in the process that CBS released some of the first information on that premiere on August 31. With that, we do have some sort of reasonable timeline now as to when something similar could happen this time around. The show’s starting slightly later next month, so you may have to wait a few days into September, but rest assured that some more information and photos are coming your way in just a couple of weeks (give or take).

As for what is coming up within this first episode of the new season, there are a couple of details already out there on that subject! The first episode will pick up not too long after when the season 14 finale left off, only to then flash-forward a few months to see more of how Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray) are coping with being trapped and isolated from the rest of their team. That’s going to be a difficult, emotional thing for the two of them, but we are very much excited to see how they eventually find their way out of this position.

While many NCIS premieres are exciting, we do think that this one is more interesting than most since you’re getting a chance to see two major characters who will likely feel different as a result of what they went through here. McGee in particular may carry a heavy weight around him in terms of going on this mission, knowing that the end result of it kept him away from his pregnant wife for months at a time. Would he be less inclined to go on such journeys in the future? Also, Gibbs may need to figure out at some point precisely how many near-death experiences he really wants to have. This is someone who has been through the wringer on this show, but for whatever reason he keeps throwing himself back into it with almost-reckless abandon. Let’s us be clear here that when we say that Gibbs may not want to have many more of these near death experiences in the field, we are not saying that Mark Harmon is leaving the show.

Also, there is another interesting question here: How much has the NCIS office changed with these two characters not being there? Have they developed some new habits? It was an adjustment to have them gone, and it may end up being an adjustment now getting them back. We all know that Gibbs can be quite a stickler for the rules…

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Then be sure to head over to the link here! Also, remember that there are going to be so many more updates between now and when the show premieres, so be on the lookout. (Photo: CBS.)

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