Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Is Josh getting uncomfortable? (day 56, evening)

Big BrotherThe Big Brother 19 live feeds today have been all sorts of insane, mostly in the form of many confrontations that took place earlier this afternoon in the house. Alex tore Cody a new one over cereal of all things, while we also saw Christmas jump in on several different fights and Josh and Elena get into it over just how “loyal” she has been as of late both to him and the rest of the house.

The biggest thing that we’ve come to realize about Josh over time, though, is that he’s an emotional pendulum and swings often from one side to the next, never quite knowing what he’s going to do at any given moment.

Over the course of tonight, the man has swung every which way when it came to how he felt about some of the fights earlier. First, he felt really terrible about being harsh and proclaimed that he doesn’t like to see people ganged up on. Then, he turned to Paul in hopes of receiving some validation that what he did wasn’t perhaps all that bad and he didn’t do anything wrong.

Josh is a mess, but he doesn’t seem to be an immediate target. Most of the plan by the dominant alliance is to get rid of Mark and Elena after Cody, and then Matt following that. We do think that Raven could float by a while just because she’s not much of a threat to anyone, and then beyond that we do think that someone’s gotta take a shot at either Alex or Jason eventually. They’ve both shown to be fairly competent players with the ability to win competitions here and there.

The plotting against Kevin continues

When is Kevin going to be taken out? It’s certainly coming up sooner rather then later, given that Paul has been planting seeds all about it for a rather long time now, and for the first time tonight he started to bring up to Josh the possibility of using the $25,000 that he won as leverage. The biggest problem with doing that, though, is that Paul knew about it and allowed Ramses to take the fall. Isn’t that could to make Paul into the fall guy at some point down the road? You would certainly think so, but for one reason or another, these people all continue to be lemmings for Paul in this game.

The only thing that is frustrating about this is that Paul, once more, doesn’t seem to care about jury votes. Sooner or later, you do have to wonder if he ends up becoming the Big Brother version of Russell Hantz and ticks off so many people throughout the game that they don’t want to give him money.

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