Arrow season 6 spoilers: ‘Richard Dragon’ to be played by Kirk Acevedo

Richard DragonIt’s been speculated for a while that Richard Dragon would be a part of Arrow season 6 — now, we know that Kirk Acevado is playing him!

According to Deadline, the show’s version of Dragon (named Ricardo Diaz — it’s unclear if the famous alter ego will be used) is going to be a dangerous ex-con who will be back out on the streets, working to assemble a force within Star City’s criminal underworld. We don’t know why there are still so many prospective crime bosses who still feel as though they can go against the Green Arrow, but to each their own. Diaz excels when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, so he’s going to be a difficult force for Oliver and the rest of the team to take down.

At this point, you would think that Team Arrow is experienced and well-equipped when it comes to taking on crime bosses. Just remember for a minute that we’ve seen them already have to deal with the likes of both Brick and also Tobias Church, who was a key player before Prometheus started to rise more to the forefront. This is not going to be the only major villain that we see on Arrow this coming season, given that we know already that Michael Emerson could be playing one of the primary villains to go along with Katie Cassidy as Black Siren. Could she be redeemed? Possibly, but it’s hard to tell without seeing the course of the story at the moment.

One of the things that we do have some confidence at the moment about is that the story for the show is going in the right direction. Hopefully, season 5 demonstrated further some of the things that do work effectively about Arrow, and the writers can use that more as a template in order to figure out some more of the things that they’d like to do with season 6. It’s a big, experimental year for the show — many of the top comic-book villains have already been used, and beyond that we’re also going to be seeing different sorts of flashbacks now that Oliver Queen and his five years away from the city are now complete. With risk comes reward … but there is also that chance that things to slide the other way. For now, we’re brimming with confidence — at least the writers are doing something different rather than recycling Prometheus again with this story.

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