Doctor Who season 11: Matt Smith gave Jodie Whittaker best welcome ever

Matt SmithIf there is one awesome way to welcome someone to Doctor Who as the new star, Matt Smith has certainly figured it out!

While at Boston Comic-Con recently, the man behind the Eleventh Doctor made it clear how he tried to welcome new series star Jodie Whittaker. He had learned of the announcement just prior to her getting the part, and this led to him making the rather interesting decision to call her up:

“When I found out about Jodie I rang her and she didn’t pick up the phone, because it was like, before the announcement … So I just left a message [and performed the theme song.”

At this point, Smith in the video below (via @impossiblynikki) proceeded to perform a good part of the classic theme for the fans who were in attendance. At the end of it, he gave his name … provided at that point she was even still listening. We’re not altogether sure how we would react if someone were to call us up and start doing this. It’s odd, but also entertaining! Oddly entertaining? Maybe that’s the best way to describe it.

What this moment really represents

Beyond just being delightful, this is another wonderful example of the close, tight-knit community that exists within the Doctor Who universe, and it’s something that Smith understands very well. Being the new Doctor is often a hard job, given that there are so many people who are immediately going to object to you for little to no apparent reason. For Smith, one of the things that he had to deal with was the fact that he was considered to be “too young” by many for the role. Jodie is certainly getting even more undue flack as the first female Doctor, but judging from much of what we’re seeing from her we get the sense that she’s handling this with as much grace as anyone could. We also still very much believe that she is going to be great in this role, even though we haven’t seen any footage of yet right.

Whittaker may have filmed her first official scene as The Doctor already for the upcoming Christmas Special, which is going to air (naturally) later this year. Following that, new showrunner Chris Chibnall (who worked with her on Broadchurch) will do his part to help to set up season 11. There’s no premiere date for that, and unfortunately, we don’t think that there will be for a rather long time given that there is still so much more to be set up. We don’t even know at the moment who the next Companion is going to be!

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