Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Josh vs. Mark, round a trillion (day 56, morning)

Big Brother 19This just in — it was Josh vs. Mark all over again in the Big Brother 19 house last night, and that came after it was Mark vs. Alex earlier. Mark just can’t catch a break, and this is a guy who really hasn’t done all that much wrong.

Basically, much of this fight originated on the basis of Mark spending time with Cody (how dare he?) and Josh deciding that he wanted to call him out on some of his flip-flopping and how Cody should know about all of this. The funny thing is that when Cody was eventually brought into it, he told Josh that he really didn’t care, given that he was going home this week and was more than aware who Mark was game-wise. That’s about it.

This is where the delineation lies between game and personal. We do think that for some people on Paul’s side of the house, they are just playing the game. Paul’s probably the perfect example of that — we don’t think that he necessarily hates Mark, Cody, or whoever else, but he’s fine with being mean to them and sending some of his “dogs” over to be mean to them because it’s a way to rally the troops. However, we feel like people like Josh do enjoy being mean to them, whether this is a way to look good to Paul or just a mechanism for the to feel better about people being mean to them at some point in their lives. This is a chance to do something to turn things around and feel like they’re actually in control of their own lives for a change. Whatever the reason, it’s pretty bad — even Paul lacks the self-awareness to know that he comes off as malicious even if that is not the case.

Anyhow, we feel bad for Mark — we do hope that Cody comes around and starts to campaign against this week, but even if he doesn’t we’ll at least give him some credit for trying to get some people on his side before the Veto Ceremony. He didn’t just roll over and die. (Our favorite moment of last night was Cody hoping that Josh sticks around in the game for a while, mostly because he doesn’t want to deal with the idea of him in jury for six weeks. At that point, Cody may just walk and go chill with Jessica somewhere.)

Is this the worst season of Big Brother in a while? We’re not going to say that necessarily since it’s not over, but this is easily one of the most depressing in terms of the joy being sapped out of the game. Just look at Dan Gheesling as a prime example that you can play the game with joy without getting too mean. Another example? Hayden Moss. Even though Rachel Reilly had her feuds here and there, she did have a sense of fun and vivacity about her that was compelling to watch.

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