Gotham season 4 spoilers: First look at Crystal Reed!

Crystal reedThere are a number of different things to be excited about when it comes to Gotham season 4: Getting Crystal Reed on board is one of them.

If you look below via Entertainment Weekly, you can get a first look at her character of Sofia Falcone — someone who is going to be an integral part of the show this season. Judging from what executive producer John Stephens tells the website, this character is going to be more important than ever as Jim looks towards his own future with the GCPD:

“We’re going to see Jim make, in some ways, big steps toward I guess what you would call the commissionership … But also we’re going to see Jim, in his quest to save the city, cross different ethical lines than he ever did before. It’s going to bring him to an ethical nadir that we haven’t seen him at, and it’s going to be told through the context of a relationship that he has with Sofia Falcone, the daughter of Don Falcone, who’s played by Crystal Reed this year. And that’s going to be a really compelling and interesting relationship.”

Obviously, one of the things that we do know about Jim is that he’s got this history with the Falcone family that has sent him down ethical ravines in the past. He murdered Mario Falcone last year after he was infected with the Alice Tetch virus, and there’s clearly no love lost between him and Carmine Falcone. That’s pretty darn understandable, given that after killing his son, even under the circumstances, it’s pretty darn hard for Falcone to forget about that. If Sofia is to get romantically involved with Jim, that is probably going to send her down a complicated road of her own with her father, though it’s not all that clear in the first place just how close the two parties are when you stop in and think for a moment about how we haven’t exactly seen her before now.

Basically, expect this to be complicated and then some.

What else is coming in season 4?

In terms of villains, the biggest one seems to be the Scarecrow in one form or another — given how scary a villain he is, we’re definitely excited to see how the producers find a way to properly place him into the story. Beyond that, you’re also going to see many established favorites, including some in new forms including Solomon Grundy, and also Bruce Wayne getting more involved than ever as a vigilante. That doesn’t mean that he is going to be transforming into Batman anytime in the near future, but he’s more on that road than ever before.

Gotham season 4 is going to be premiering on Fox later this fall, and in its new timeslot Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Let us know what you think about Reed’s character in theory below. Also, be sure to check out our trailer analysis and so much more! (Photo: Fox.)

Crystal Reed

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