Stitchers season 3 finale reaction: Who was Kirsten speaking to?


Right when you thought that the Stitchers season 3 finale had figured it all out, you then had that twist Kirsten ending. It appeared at first as though the character had amnesia as a result of fighting to save her mother; however, everything changed when someone entered the room and she made it clear that she remembered everything. Not only that, but she hated whoever made her pretend as though she didn’t know Cameron to his face.

What may surprise some out there is learning that this cliffhanger was not the original one that was there in the script. This is something that series star Kyle Harris confirmed in a chat with TVLine about the final episode of the year:

“Originally, that ending was not in the script. The episode was supposed to end with Cameron leaving and Kirsten just sitting there, not remembering anything. As we were shooting, I think we had three days left, our showrunner Jeff [Schechter] had this idea: What if someone came into the frame, but we don’t know who it is, and suddenly it goes from Kirsten not having her memory to doing a total 180 and dropping that line? That was the one-two punch I think we were missing. We’ve seen the amnesia thing. When [Jeff] came up with that idea, it blew all of our minds. Who is she talking to? What does this mean? Who is she doing this for? It’s so much more intriguing.”

While we don’t think the ending of Kirsten having amnesia is necessarily terrible, at the same time there’s something very interesting about the idea of her pretending to have it but not really. This is the far meatier ending for the show, and therefore, it’s the more interesting one and the one that we’d love to see explored more moving into the future. How long is she going to be forced to keep up this ruse, and is this something that she can keep going all that long? The more and more she is forced into going doing this road, the more difficult that she may find it to keep up. We also still need to know some of the motivations for it, given that this is not the sort of thing that Kirsten would do unless she felt like she had no other choice. After all, remember that she’s a good person who does tend to genuine care about other people.

The list of candidates could include everyone from Stinger to Maggie to Ivy to maybe even someone else in the lab that we don’t suspect. We figure that in the end, there’s going to be a rather great guessing game as we wait to learn if the show comes back!

For the time being…

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