America’s Got Talent rankings: Darci Lynne, Puddles Pity Party, Preacher Lawson top live show #1 picks

Darci LynneWho are going to be the likely favorites on America’s Got Talent Tuesday night? Welcome to the first rankings of the season! We already shared what the lineup is going to be, so in this article, we’re breaking things down in terms of the acts we think are most likely to advance to live shows.

So what’s the criteria for this list? Well, we’re not basing it so much on who we like (though we know this plays a factor to some extent); it’s more about these people being the acts that we think have the best chances of not only advancing this week, but also winning in the end. We’ll of course eat our words if we’re wrong!

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Now, let’s get to the ranking.

12. Artyon & Paige – It’s great to have enthusiastic, fun kid dancers on the show. However, we do think that their talent level is just outmatched for where they are in life. Also, there’s not a great history of kid dancers winning.

11. The Singing Trump – Who is he for? He’s not really mocking the President, but some out there could see it as mockery. He’s a reasonably talented singer, but once you’ve seen this twice there’s nothing more to see.

10. Yoli Mayor – A really good singer, but someone very much likely to be swallowed up in a vortex of them that we’re going to have on this show tonight.

9. Christian Guardino – We very much feel the same way here, even though he does have a Golden Buzzer. He just hasn’t stayed in viewers’ minds much since that big moment first happened.

8. Just Jerk – They DESERVE to get to the next round, but dance groups don’t have the best history and they’ll probably be buried near the start of the show. That doesn’t bode well for their chances.

7. In the Stairwell – They’ll get bonus points for being in the military, but this ultimately is a talent show and Howie Mandel has leveled some tough criticism on them. If that continues, they may have a harder time with the public vote.

6. Billy & Emily – They’re probably higher on our list if we’re talking favorite acts, just because they do something NO ONE ELSE can do. Unfortunately, voters on America’s Got Talent often criticize someone like this for having a similar act every week when they don’t criticize a singer for singing every time. It’s just what they do?

5. Angelica Hale – Her vocals aren’t entirely our cup of tea, but you cannot deny both her talent and also the history of kid singers doing very well on this show.

4. Kechi – When you’re getting so much of one talent, you look for anything that will help someone stand out. For Kechi, it’s easily going to be her powerful story. There’s nothing wrong with that being a part of who she is on this show; it helps you to relate to her better!

3. Preacher Lawson – We do wish that there were more comedians who made it into the live shows, but Preacher is no doubt tremendously funny, creative, and he should breeze through this round with ease. There are so many singers that are ultimately going to cancel each other out.

2. Puddles Pity Party – He’s got a great voice, but beyond that he’s also got a very good character and visual that makes him stand out. He also came into the show with an underground fanbase, and that should help him through at least this stage of the competition.

1. Darci Lynne – She was the most notable Golden Buzzer act of the season, she is heavily promoted, and she’s got an incredible and unique talent that we haven’t seen since Terry Fator did it a decade ago. Regardless of whether or not you think she’s the best, you do have to think of her as the favorite.

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