Did Bachelor in Paradise 4 handle DeMario Jackson – Corinne Olympios scandal well?

DeMario JacksonIf there is one thing that we very much know about Bachelor in Paradiseit’s that the show handles subtlety like it handles a plate of meat in front of Chad Johnson. Things get out of control pretty quickly.

Well, on Monday night’s premiere episode, we got a sense exactly as to how the show was going to pretend it, and will give them at least some credit for not making the entire episode about this — after all, remember for a minute that the show actually featured some other dates and arrivals to Paradise. It didn’t just make this entire story about one incident, and tried to just have the show go on as it normally would.

One of the ways in which we’d describe this episode is that it tried to put you more into the shoes of the majority of the contestants, as opposed to someone in production who was privy to much of what was going on. One of the things that you do have to remember in here is that even Corinne and DeMario were not altogether privy as to everything that was going to be happening leading into the Rose Ceremony. The news just kind of happened with the cameras stepping away and everyone realizing that filming was over.

You can question as to whether or not the show should’ve made more of a meal out of this, but we’re ultimately glad that they didn’t and just let the show play out just as you imagine that it would. Also, we appreciate that they didn’t air most of the hard footage of what actually happened on the night in question, given that 1) This is a Disney-owned show and 2) We don’t think they want the controversy to last longer than it really has to. They’ve reviewed everything and had an investigation; now, the show is ready to try and move forward in however a way that it can.

If there was one thing we actually wanted more of during the Bachelor in Paradise premiere, it was comedy. This is a ridiculous show, and probably much of the buzz around DeMario and Corinne got in the way of that tonight. The big issue there is that we’re not someone who is just a contestant on the show; we know about some of the headlines that are out there, and with that, we basically spent a good chunk of the episode knowing that something was going to happen.

We will say this: The final few minutes of the episode when production interrupted some of the chatting that was going on was incredibly fascinating just from a television perspective. We’re still glad that they didn’t milk it more than they did, just because a little bit of this goes a long way in crafting the impact that this incident had on the experience. What’s interesting is that they didn’t really show much in the way of specifics about why production was being stopped tonight beyond Corinne and DeMario being pulled away.

What did you think about the Bachelor in Paradise premiere, and how it handled DeMario / Corinne and a whole lot more? Share below!

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