Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Mark, Alex’s pillow fight (day 55, evening)

Big BrotherWe start off this Big Brother update by taking a few deep breaths and reminding you that this is a game. It also happens to be one that Paul is very good at. He’s trying to take a little bit of Derrick from season 16, Mike Boogie from All-Stars, and Boston Rob from Survivor and throw them all into a blender. He’s not as good as any of them, but he’s still doing some impressive stuff.

What he effectively is doing to Mark and Elena right now is the same thing that he did previously to Dominique near the tail end of Cody’s first time in the house. He set her up to be a target courtesy of her talk-show interview, and here he’s using his minions to get Mark and Elena all worked up by getting Alex, Christmas, Josh, and others to get into it with him over stupid stuff. Take, for example, pillows and whether or not Josh can sleep next to Elena at night. Mark doesn’t like it, just as Alex apparently doesn’t like that Mark takes a bunch of stuff in the game without asking.

Mark got so heated by the end of this little spat that he turned red, and this only seems to be fueling Paul and company’s fire even more to do more of this later in the week. The good news for Kevin is that all of this attention put on Mark means that there’s a little bit less put on him, which he probably needs at this point in the game thanks to all of the suspicion thrown on him this week.

If the house remains united against Mark and Elena, they’re in a position where they just have to win Head of Household during the Double Eviction, nominate them both, and ensure that one of them leaves the game. Mark’s already said that if he wins, he is nominating Paul and Alex in hopes of getting one of them gone from the game with the opportunity present.

Separating game from personal

Hey, we did that just to see if we could. The reality is, we hate this sort of gameplay — it’s effective, but it’s not fun and it does feel like the outcasts getting picked on at school. Mark’s probably one of our favorite people in the house. In the event that this was a different season without some of the intensity and negativity, he could’ve been a really good character. Unfortunately, he’s stuck dealing with most of this garbage. He’s got a temper, but he’s only human and he’s been attacked probably more than almost anyone else in the game.

Would Mark or Elena be one of the greatest Big Brother winners of all time? No, but we hope that they win HoH on Thursday to make the game a little more fun.

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