Stitchers season 3 finale review: A devastating Kirsten, Cameron twist

Stitchers season 3 finale

Just when you thought that things were going so well for Kirsten on the Stitchers season 3 finale, an epic twist like no other entered the fray.

there is some good news and bad news that went into her quest to try and save her mother — one of the biggest goals for much of the season. While she was able to make more headway when it comes to her mother, which was one of the major goals of the season, there was also another major issue: Kirsten had seemingly lost her memory. When she spoke to Cameron, she acted as though she had no recollection as to who he was or what he wanted from her.

Well, here’s the big operative word here: “Seemingly.” As it turned out, Kirsten was only pretending to forget the past few years that she’d spent with Cameron and the rest of the Stitch team. Was this a devastating condition to get her mother back? The conversation in the closing minutes of the finale seemed to really strongly suggest that this is something she’s being forced to do, in largely the most unfortunate way possible. She’s vowing to never speak again to whoever is forcing her into doing this terrible thing to the guy that she loves.

Doesn’t this make you want to have a season 4 at some point in the future? We certainly want one more than ever right now! As for some other important details…

Romance update

Well, Camille and Amanda are moving in together! There was some brief tension with Kirsten as she wondered if it was too early for the two of them given how much time they’ve been together plus the break in between. What we did like about this, though, was that the show didn’t just make it seem as though Kirsten and Camille were going to feud over this forever. They’re both grown-ups and realize that there are FAR more important things in the world.

Meanwhile, Linus and Ivy have a lot of work to do in the event that they want to get back to being even remotely close to the couple that they once were. One of the biggest things that you do need to remember here is that Ivy still betrayed the team, even if her goal when the dust settled was to set up Stinger in a way to ensure that she and Kirsten both got what she wanted. There are some major bumps in the road still ahead.


A very good finale that did resolve about as much as we could’ve hoped for. The biggest criticism that we’ve got on the season as a whole is just that it was too short! With only this many episodes, there’s not a whole lot of time to dive into the supporting characters and we’ve love more time to get to know them better. Finale Grade: B+.

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