Ink Master season 9 episode 10 video: Cleen Rock One, Aaron Is arrive

Cleen Rock OneWhen Ink Master season 9 episode 10 airs on Spike tomorrow night, the show is going to waste almost zero time at all getting crazy. How else would you describe the return of Cleen Rock One to the competition? He’s one of the show’s most noteworthy artists, and he’s bringing a friend back from season 5 in Aaron Is. The two are here this time around represented Golden Skull Tattoo, and they’re going to be trying to show that they are worthy of winning even though they weren’t a part of the first half of the season.

The moment that the judges even hint that Cleen is coming back on the show, you immediately see the swear-words forming in the mouths of the remaining artists. They understand that they are up against one of the most successful artists in the history of the show, someone who came close to win on two separate seasons of the show. All signs indicate that he’s the instant favorite here, with there only being two reasons to have any doubt at all.

1. This is a dude who hasn’t tattooed yet this season – Are he and Aaron going to struggle simply because everyone else has more of a rhythm at this point, or are they going to be able to instantly find their groove?

2. We’ve never seen these two work together – These two know each other very well from Cleen’s first season, but we don’t know what they’re like as a team. We’ve certainly seen some examples already this season of individual artists struggle within the team dynamics given that they all have huge egos and want everyone to know that they are the best — it’s definitely something that we foresee being a huge part of the mystery with these two guys and the drama.

On the basis of talent alone, you can go ahead and say that Cleen and Aaron would be finalists. We just don’t know if it will work out this wait, given that there are some other super-strong artists this season. Take, for example, the super-dominant Old Town Ink, or fellow new arrival Black Cobra Tattoo — they’ve only been around for two episodes but Matt and Katie have shown that they are a serious force to be reckoned with.

Wait, where’s Oliver Peck?

Well, this is odd — we wrote last week that Oliver would be back given that he was in a preview for the next new episode. However, this video indicates that he won’t be around for the week. Which is correct? We may not find out until this episode actually airs, but it’s something to be aware of.

What do you expect from Cleen and Aaron this season?

Feel free to share some of your thoughts and expectations on this subject now in the comments below! Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want to get some other news when it comes to all things Ink Master. (Photo: Spike.)

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