Is After Paradise canceled? Bachelor in Paradise aftershow missing

After ParadiseIs After Paradise canceled? We can foresee there being people asking that question early and often over the coming days. For now, though, we don’t have much to tell you — the show is not coming back for the time being. It no longer is on the show’s press site, and there was no announcement of a premiere date this summer.

So why not bring the show back? For the record, we don’t think that it personally had all that much to do with the fact that there was the big Corinne Olympios – DeMario Jackson scandal, though we understand that this would be a tough conversation to have in a weekly aftershow. The reality here is that this show really didn’t rate all that well in the years in which ABC has tried it, and it didn’t matter whether it was Chris Harrison or the Sean Lowe/Michelle Collins duo who was hosting it. If the ratings were big, it’d be back!

One of the problems is that the entire Bachelor franchise really exists within this bubble of fantasy and romance, and as a result of that, it’s rather tough to envision these people having real, adult conversations somewhere else on ABC. It would change the entire tone of the franchise and it still puts them through a filtered lens. These shows were mostly awkward, and mostly just ended up with people being angry about something that somebody said over the course of them.

We would’ve been mildly eager to see what the producers came up with if they were to do another one even still, but that just may be because we’re a glutton for punishment. The reality is that Bachelor in Paradise is already programmed aggressively even without the aftershow factored in, given that you’re watching several hours a week across a couple of nights. That’s a lot for a show like this where much of what you’re watching is the same thing over time and it’s even set at the same exact spot. At least when it comes to The Bachelor or The Bachelorette you’ve got people moving on to some different environments here and there.

If you did miss the show, the best thing that we can say on that subject is that you should be active on social media and let some interested parties know. We do think that there is still a good chance that we will see the show come back in the future, so just stay tuned in the event that the flagship show is renewed for a fifth season. Also, it’s possible that there could be one in the form of an extended reunion or sit-down between DeMario and Corinne.

Do you want to see After Paradise back?

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