Hawaii Five-0 season 8: What is one of Tani Rey’s first missions?

Tani ReyTani Rey is one of the new characters on Hawaii Five-0 season 8, and it’s not going to take long before she’s thrown into action!

With that, we’re here with a little bit of news as to what one of her first missions will be, and it’s one that could feel relatively similar to what we saw with Nick Jonas and his character of Ian Wright on the show in the past. Obviously, we don’t think that Jonas is coming back given what we saw with this character in the past.

However, what we know about this character is this: Per TV Guide, we’re going to be meeting a “young computer hacker” who has even more skill than Ian Wright did. Not only that, but this is someone who will be able to inflict all sorts of damage and be rather ruthless about it. They are a huge threat to the team, and it could also cause some flashbacks to some of the earlier days of the show. (Since doing the show, Jonas has went on to see a spike in his music career and also his role on Kingdom.)

Is it possible that this new hacker could be Ian’s brother? There were reports out there that Joey Lawrence has been cast to play Ian’s brother on the show, but there could be an age discrepancy here for that to work. Odds are Lawrence is playing Ian’s older brother, and the casting notice specifies that the character is young. Maybe it’s someone else related to him, or maybe this Aaron Wright character played by Lawrence is off training some other dangerous hackers to take on some of his brothers work.

One way or another, it’s fairly easy to determine here that this is going to make for a dangerous but also entertaining arc on the show. Remember here that we’re in an era now where there are people so much more threatened by hackers than many other forms of crime.

What about some of the other new characters?

Technically, the only other series newcomer this season is Beulah Kaole, and every indication that we’re getting at the moment suggests that you won’t be seeing him right away on the show. He will probably turn up during the opening arc of the season, and you’ll get a chance to see and get to know him better after that. Meanwhile, the rest of the series regular hires were for actors and characters you already know in some other capacity. Personally, we remain interested in seeing how Ian Anthony Dale is introduced in a larger capacity.

What do you think about this Hawaii Five-0 news, and do you enjoy it when the show finds a way to dip into the world of cyber-crime? Be sure to share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event that you do want some additional news when it comes to the series. (Photo: CBS.)


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