Shadowhunters season 2 finale review: Who died, and did Malec reunite?

Shadowhunters season 2 finale reviewGoing into the Shadowhunters season 2 finale, we kept hearing time and time again that we were in for a crazy episode. As it turned out, the episode delivered in every possible way.

Let’s deliver to you here some of the biggest events that we saw from start to finish in the hour.

1. Demons on the loose – Even though Sebastian may have been gone in the early moments (more on that later), he was able to summon some pretty horrible stuff in his wake. To make matters worse, many of the Downworlders were trapped by the Seelie Queen and had to find their way out. The heroes all managed to make their way out of some of the early crises during this episode, though there were some major consequences of some of this. For one, shall we talk about Simon making a secret deal with the Seelie Queen?

2. Valentine kills Jace – Well, wasn’t this terrible? We imagine that there were many a non-reader out there who felt as though this death was set in stone in the moment that it happens. Then, Valentine did his best to summon Raziel with the Mortal Instruments, hoping to use him in order to spawn a new race to effective destroy the Downworlders once and for all. Raziel wasn’t all that down for it.

3. Clary takes out Valentine – In what was a deviation from the books, the death of Valentine came about in a very different but still super-intense way. The death of the character was certainly jarring but also justified. The fact that he managed to stick around for as long as he did was surprising in its own right.

4. Jace revived by Clary – She used her one wish from Raziel to bring him back to the dead, and for the two of them to share a passionate moment in which Clary, for whatever reason, wanted to believe as though nothing terrible was going to happen. However, soon after that we did see Jace suffer some aftereffects of the resurrection. To make matters all the more interesting, he’s not telling everyone what happened with him.

5. Malec is back together – After being torn apart and then using Magnus in this episode in order to heal the rift, all is right in the world and the two are back together. They’re the heart and soul of Shadowhunters, and in many ways what the show represents in terms of unity.

6. Is Sebastian still alive? – Well, the closing moments made you suggest that someone may have been able to resurrect him. He heard a whisper in his hear, telling him that his mother was there for him. What this means is incredibly creepy and one of the best season 3 teases possible.

What’s the overall take on the episode?

This was a very worthy finale for Shadowhunters season 2, especially in how it accomplished virtually everything that it set out to do — there was some drama, some romance, and a few crazy teases for what is coming up next. We’ll let book readers decide what to think of some of the alterations, but as a TV viewer only, we’re largely satisfied. Grade: B+.

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