Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 55)

Veto Ceremony resultsDay 55 in the Big Brother house brought us the latest Veto Ceremony, which in turn brought us the chance to see if anyone in the game was going to make a move.

To be specific, we’re talking here about Alex, who along with Jason was given a pretty hard sell by Cody to shake up the game in a big way. His push was for her to make a big move and then target Matt after Raven went up in the place of Jason on the block. It actually isn’t a terrible plan provided that they can win a ton of competitions the rest of the way — they’d all be huge targets, but they all are at lease decent in comps and the odds are higher here that Jason and Alex make it to the end. They’re good enough so Paul would be threatened of them making it all that far into the game.

Unfortunately, Jason revealed after his talk with Cody that he was mostly just hearing Cody out for the sake of making Elena nervous, and there are discussions to throw a hinky vote her way for the eviction just to make her all the more paranoid for what’s coming down the road. Mark actually seems like the main target coming up more so than her, but there haven’t been many opportunities to get him on the block the past few weeks.

When the Veto Ceremony actually happened, it was official that Cody was going up, and pending some miracle, he may end up going this week. Of course Cody has done his best to throw Paul’s name out there firmly under the bus, but it’s a little too early to tell at the moment how much of that will stick. If it does, it’s absolutely not going to save his own hide. He needs to figure out some of the best possible ways in which to do that before he does anything else.

Why so made at Kevin?

This brings us back to our latest discussion all about one of our favorite people this season — who continues to be attacked for more or less zero reason other than that he’s tried to be nice to Cody. Apparently, Kevin wasn’t happy enough that Cody was on the block and it led to a lot of people questioning him about it. He claims that he cut himself shaving, and that is one of the biggest reasons why he’s a little bit sulky. We certainly feel for the guy given that he’s not exactly doing anything wrong, and still having people coming at him.

The reality here is that Paul is playing a game that’s all about demonizing those who he views as expendable. He did it with Cody, he’s done it with Mark and Elena, and now he’s done it to Kevin. He’s lining up the targets so that it’s easier for his group to not think about targeting him.

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