Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Cody’s campaign falls on deaf ears (day 55, morning)

Big BrotherWe give Cody some major credit in the Big Brother house today for trying to do something. Unfortunately for him, his efforts really seem to be amounting to a whole lotta nothing at the moment.

Late last night, Cody did pretty much everything in his power to get Alex to turn on Paul and nominate someone else for eviction, commenting on how he’s manipulating almost everyone this whole season. The majority of what he said was correct, especially given that Cody has people so indoctrinated at this point that they’ll do almost anything that he says without even thinking for themselves as to whether or not it’s the right move.

So what did Alex do after this conversation? Tell Jason that she was just going along with what he was saying and then go and speak further about it to Paul. Now, Paul wants to follow Alex around so that Cody can’t do anything else to his game — at least in terms of him trying to speak with her and initiate some dramatic change.

Cody’s going to be nominated as a replacement nominee today after Matt removes Jason from the block — from there, things will probably go into a standstill unless Cody somehow convinces people to send either Matt or Elena home. One of the main arguments that he can make there is that Elena is a part of a showmance, and she’s also made some moves that really anger Alex — including taking that money at the most recent Power of Veto Competition. Crazier things have happened than her being voted out of the game at this point.

Why Raven is so aggravating

We know that we’ve written about this before, but overnight we were reminded of this yet again. Why does she keep talking about the time that Cody supposedly was interested in her and she turned him down? There’s zero evidence that this actually happened — as a matter of fact, from the start Cody claimed that Jessica was the person he was interested in romantically. We don’t get why she needs to stress this narrative so often, even if it were true, just to make herself either feel or look better. Raven’s problem is that she brings everything back to her, whether it be her disease, her story, or people supposedly being interested in her.

Raven is probably just a product of an environment where she is clearly used to being the center of attention, and that’s a defense mechanism for her within this game. It’s so ironic that early on this season people were willing to throw their games away for her; now, she’s probably the person you can bring to the end of the game since there’s no chance of her beating anyone.

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