Teen Wolf season 6 episode 13 review: Gerard’s plan leads to tragic death

Teen WolfTeen Wolf season 6 episode 13 was an episode directed by Tyler Posey, and we have to say that he did a rather great job. This episode felt very much like vintage Teen Wolf in between the dark lighting, the dramatic sequences, and of course almost-constant heart-pounding intensity as we witnessed both the hunters and the hunted.

Let’s start with the revelation from this past episode, which featured creepy counselor lady Tamora Monroe finding none other than Gerard Argent. This marked an opportunity in order to see the two of them work together, and for him to put her through some of his paces as his new lab rat. He wants her to be the best part of his crew as possible. Why this dude is this concerned with killing teenage wolves is beyond us, but this episode showed us that he’s got plenty of help.

While Gerard and Tamora were doing their thing, we ended up what was an attempt by Brett and his sister to run away while Liam trying his best to show some of his alpha skills. This did not end well, given the fact that Brett was eventually run down, and following that, we saw Liam surrounded on the streets by a mob of hunters.

In the end, everything that we saw tonight with Brett’s death was a part of Gerard’s awful plan to cause chaos and to demonstrate fear — he had all of Beacon Hills shaking in their boots, and that was enough to win this battle.

The saga of Corey and Mason

Like we said, there were a lot of being being hunted in this episode. What we learned through their adventures tonight, primarily, is that Nolan is a strange dude who loves to stab people in order to see who they really are.

As Mason and Corey learned later, this wasn’t actually Nolan trying to destroy him; instead, this was all his sort of test. Lydia had a premonition early on in this episode that was slightly misguided; upon learning that the likes of Corey, Lydia, and others were different, we starting to get the sense that the entire school was set to turn on them. This was clear in the streets with Gerard, and it was just as clear within the walls.

Here is your Scott / Malia moment

Right in the middle of the two parties trying to save each other, Scott made a suggestion that the two could have a romantic future — ironically, it was only after that moment that she was able to bring some more life into him. Isn’t it funny how that works?

Overall Take

There are some times when Teen Wolf gets more complicated than it needs to be, and it could spend more time with one storyline rather than constantly jumping around from one to the other. Yet, it worked in this episode because of the way things came together. We can’t escape the fact that this show feels very political in the way that it’s telling a story about hunters tracking down and trying to kill those who are different. It’s human, and that may be what is the most horrifying thing about it. Grade: A-.

What’s next on Teen Wolf season 6?

If you head over to the link here, you can get a preview for what’s coming up next! Early indications do suggest that there are two episodes that are coming up. (Photo: MTV.)

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