Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The game of groupthink (day 54, afternoon)

Big BrotherThere’s been a little bit of activity in the Big Brother 19 house today, at least in terms of people trying to plot out their future. Unfortunately, it has also been a great deal of all talk, very little action.

The biggest offenders of this are Matt and Raven, who are spending a great deal of their time discussing how one of them is going to win Head of Household soon (even though that hasn’t actually happened at all yet) and leverage some of that power in order to take better control of the game. Even though Mark and Elena have shown an interest in wanting to work with them in order to take out some of the other couples in the game, they seem to prefer the idea, for some inexplicable reason, of working alongside Paul for the longest period of time possible. They want out Mark and Elena out next, and then after that seem interested in going after Kevin given that he’s smart and somewhat of a wild card based on all of the gossip that has been out there about him over the past few days. He’s been more paranoid, and he went from being a great player to someone more at the mercy of Paul.

Remember that Paul does know the truth about the $25,000, and he’s held that over him the whole game. The only reason that Paul hasn’t probably said anything is because he knows that in the event he does, there are questions about him.

The most delusional thing about Matt and Raven is that they seem to think that because of Raven’s disease, there are so many people who are just going to want to hand the game over to them in the end. Fat chance. These people are all self-interested, and there to get the grand prize and the title of Big Brother winner. They’re not there anywhere near as much to help some other complete stranger win the money.

A season of groupthink

This is the clear problem with Big Brother 19 — the entire house has been shaped with this philosophy that you just isolate your target, don’t speak to them, and allow them to feel miserable on their way out the door. It was effective in getting out Jessica, just as it seems equally effective in getting out Cody. Kevin talked earlier about this being used to get out Elena and Mark.

Strategically, the idea is effective given that it uses fear as a primary motivating factor to ensure that nobody engages in any sort of crazy campaigning. However, it also makes the game far more depressing than it would otherwise. What we’re hoping is that at some point soon, we get a chance to see a change in the house where the entire gameplay flips and becomes more open. Maybe once the obvious targets leave, that’ll happen — though it’s also possible that Paul will just create some more obvious targets.

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