Power season 4 episode 8 debate: Is the end here for Mike Sandoval?

Mike SandovalPower season 4 episode 8 is airing on Starz tonight, and as you imagine given where we are in the season, this hour will be important.

Are we about to reach the beginning of the end for one Mike Sandoval? This is a show where there aren’t too many clear-cut heroes or villains — almost everyone lives within a certain element of gray — but we do think that Mike is one of the biggest evil-doers that we’ve seen on the show. He’s murdered, he’s pulled strings, and more than that, he’s done almost all of it under a veil of secrecy.

There are some characters within the Power universe that do have a tendency to be a little more brash and fast/loose with some of their actions and how they choose to disclose or hide them. For example, we don’t think Tommy Egan shows that much restraint as to when he kills someone — he will be thorough after the fact, but he’s also impulsive. Sandoval is far more calculated, and is exceptional at protecting himself.

Going into tonight’s episode, the real point of excitement for this character is that for the first time, we’re getting a chance to see what happens when some of the wheels potentially come off. He realizes that Angela and her colleagues are starting to get close to the truth, and that’s dangerous for him. It’s dangerous enough that he seemed ready to murder Donovan on this past episode, and was willing to go all the way over to his house in order to do so. Angela and Donovan now need to stick together, given that if Mike has a chance, he may murder either one of them to cover his tracks.

Tonight is a pivotal episode, and it could easily be the end for Felipe Lobos’ former inside man. The biggest test for Angela is going to be seeing how to get the necessary evidence that Sandoval not only killed Greg, but was able to both frame him as the mole while also framing Jamie as the person responsible for killing Greg. He works for the federal government, and this can’t be the sort of thing that you are unsure about before you go to John Mok. You have to be 100% sure of what you’re doing, since otherwise you are running a huge risk that you’re going to get either found out or in trouble if you bring bad press to the feds and you don’t have the right guy.

Want some other insight into Power season 4 episode 8?

One of the suggestions that we’ve got for you is to visit the link here, given that this is where you can get a little more in the way of insight regarding Jamie’s double life and some of the work he’s trying to do to improve his public persona.

Do you think that tonight’s Power episode is going to be the one where you finally get a chance to learn the truth about Mike? Share in the comments! (Photo: Starz.)

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