Supergirl season 3 casting a new mystery woman — with a Game of Thrones comparison

Supergirl season 3Supergirl season 3 is going to have its fair share of mystery characters … but is it also about to have its Melisandre? Signs seem to suggest so!

As first reported by TVLine, the CW series is in the process of casting a character who can be compared to the notable Game of Thrones red priestess — we don’t think that she’ll spawn some sort of odd shadow baby or turn into an old woman without her necklace, but she’s notable nonetheless.

What we also know about her at the moment is that she is a “mysterious and sexually compelling Kryptonian,” and the show is looking at actresses in their forties for the part. We have the utmost faith in the series finding the right person here, mostly because they have done a good job when it comes to casting notable actresses before. They find a way often to effectively draw from some other franchises in the past, such as when they brought on board Laura Vandervoort or found a home for Dean Cain as Jeremiah Danvers or Teri Hatcher. We’d be more than fine of the show was to dive into some nostalgic casting once more.

If this person is a Kryptonian, it’s worth remembering just how powerful and dangerous she could be if she uses some of her abilities to cause harm rather than good. Also, we wonder if she is going to be trying to seduce another character — J’onn J’onzz is an interesting guess, given that we don’t know just how much of M’gann we’re going to be seeing. Maybe she could also be looking at going after a younger man such as Winn Schott or James Olsen, provided that we’re talking about a character who is prominent / powerful in the present as opposed to someone who lives a little bit more in the past.

What do we know about season 3?

For now, one of the biggest things to remind you of is that Odette Annable is set to play the Big Bad in Reign, a Worldkiller who may have a backstory far more tragic than anyone would realize at first. Beyond that, Erica Durance of Smallville is coming on board as a replacement for Laura Benanti, who was unable to play Alura this season due to some scheduling commitments. You’re also going to be seeing Chris Wood as Mon-El again in some shape or form, but the timing of his arrival is not entirely clear at present.

In general, expect Supergirl season 3 to have all sorts of great drama when it premieres on The CW this October — though we do also anticipate that there’s going to be some fun along the way given that this is the tone of the show.

If you do want some other Supergirl news…

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