Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Costumes and camping (day 54, morning)

official nominationsWe’ll be the first to admit that we’re a sucker for the stupid Big Brother costumes and Veto punishments. They add more flavor to the game!

Also, in this context we believe these costumes to be especially fun. Following his loss in the Veto Competition last night, Jason is now in an Xtremetard, where he has to basically be one of those guys from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle while wearing a really silly unitard. It’s one of the better ones we’ve seen and we appreciate that he’s so game to do it. The same goes for Paul and Christmas, who have to be tethered to each other, as though they’re doing a tandem sky-dive, for 48 hours. That is made all the more awkward by the fact that she’s still in her cast, trying to recover still after her surgery.

The worst punishment of all goes to Alex, who anytime she hears the signal has to go set up a campsite and cook hot dogs for everyone in the house, regardless of whether or not they want them. This is fun since it A) involves propane and B) torments someone in a silly way. Also, Alex is extremely salty over it since the two had an agreement to not punish each other in the competition, and Elena ended up taking a cash prize over the Veto. From there, Alex ended up getting saddled with this and she’s extra-mad that Elena hasn’t really apologized for it at all. (How dare Elena try to win money in a game that’s all about winning money? We’re not saying Elena is perfect, but Alex really shouldn’t be all that surprised by this.)

As of right now it seems as though Veto winner Matt will stay on the block and remove Jason, which in turn means that Cody will go up there. While he’s done a better job of trying to reintegrate himself into the game, Paul and others agree that he’s just too dangerous to keep around. Given that there are people super-annoyed with Elena at the moment, though, there’s a good reason why she should be afraid.

The most irritating thing that Elena does – Almost every night, she and Mark have some lengthy conversation where he tries to lay out his feelings for her and she’s not always all that receptive in response. It definitely feels as though she is leading him on, and that’s somewhat of a bummer to see. Last night, she also told Mark that she’s been throwing almost every Head of Household Competition so far but is going to try and start winning them from here on out.

We’ll be back later today with at least one more Big Brother update (likely two), which you’re going to be able to check out over at the link here. Stay tuned! (Photo: CBS.)

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