Teen Wolf season 6 episode 13 video: Gerard states his case

Teen Wolf season 6 episode 13Moving into Teen Wolf season 6 episode 13, it’s pretty clear that Gerard Argent has a major role to play in the story. After all, just remember that he made an appearance at the end of this past episode. He’s one of the show’s most notorious hunters, and he seems to be back to purge Beacon Hills of however many supernatural creatures as possible.

As you may also remember from this past episode, he also has a potential new recruit in the form of the guidance counselor. You just have to remember for a moment that she is responsible for killing a Hellhound, hardly an ordinary feat.

Yet, Gerard doesn’t seem to be all that impressed by the move. He appears as though to chalk some of that up to luck, and goes on to present what is effectively some of his doctrine over what makes a skilled hunter and what separates them from the back. He wants to make sure that his doctrine is clear before doing anything that resembles taking her under his wing.

By the end of this sneak peek, it’s probably a little more clear that she has some work to do — including attending a little more target practice. Still, we don’t think Gerard is going to pass up help, just because the recruitment effort can’t be that easy to find people out there who are willing to step out and put their lives on the line to take out supernatural beings. Not everyone out there knows that they even exist, but beyond that, not everyone who does is going to want to go out and put themselves in harm’s way.

Are there political parallels here?

This season was written months ago, but in light of recent events it’s hard to ignore that the hunters are basically a group of people — a militia, if you will — who are banding together out of fear and disdain for people they don’t understand. They act out of hatred, and band together closely just because their views are so specific and extreme that they don’t often stand out anywhere else. This is going to be a group that is prominent on the show the rest of the season, but in reality, there are certainly plenty of these said groups all over the country. The big difference is that they are targeting people who are not supernatural in the slightest.

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