Could a Turn: Washington’s Spies season 5 ever happen? Is it needed?

Turn: Washington's Spies season 5Following tonight’s series finale, is there any hope at all for there going to be a Turn: Washignton’s Spies season 5?

Well, it makes sense that there could be a demand for more of the show. After all, you just need to remember for a moment here that it delivered at least consistent ratings throughout the final season, and there are many people still very much interested and eager to get some more of it moving forward.

Yet, it also feels pretty definitive at the present that the show is at the end of the road, and there’s not really a whole lot of story left to tell. In the closing minutes, Abe’s narration by and large summed up what transpired with himself, Brewster, Ben, Simcoe, and many other characters.

The best way to look at the series is as follows: Turn: Washington’s Spies was a series largely about the Culper Ring, and the purpose of the ring is over now that the Revolutionary War is at an end. There’s no more need to continue this story.

What can be done instead?

What we would consider if we were working behind the scenes with the show is rather simple: We’d look at creating a future series that looks at a different part of this era, whether it be the crafting of the Constitution, the War of 1812, the Louisiana Purchase, or some other big event in American history during its first fifty years. Concentrate more on that, given that this is a period that often doesn’t get much due in the media. We see many stories out there about the Revolutionary War and then many about the Civil War, but not all that many in between. In giving us a new series featuring some of these characters, the legacy of Turn can very much still be alive.

We do think that AMC does now have a tremendous reputation when it comes to crafting smart, intelligent period dramas. Just remember that they also had another brilliant show in Hell on Wheels that focused on a separate but important era of American history, and their Saturday-night timeslot is a great place to focus on this. We suppose in some ways you could consider Halt and Catch Fire in this vein given that it’s not set in the present, but we think of it more about global achievement than something that specifically impacts the United States and the country’s future.

We’ll let you know if there is something more that happens, but we’re not banking on it at present.

What do you think: Should there be a Turn: Washington’s Spies season 5? Share in the comments below! Meanwhile, head over here to get some additional news now on Turn, including a review for the finale. (Photo: AMC.)

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