Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Who won the Veto? (day 53, evening)

Who won the VetoWho won the Veto in the Big Brother 19 house on day 53? There’s probably some curiosity, but it may not actually matter all that much. Remember that Cody is the obvious target this week, and with him not playing in the Veto Competition, it really doesn’t matter who wins. Things will change, he’ll go up on the block, and almost certainly he’s going to go home.

The only caveat that we can offer is that it’s Saturday, and there are still five days until the next eviction happens. That is a lot of time for crazy stuff to go down. There were even some conversations today about potentially evicting Elena over Cody.

So … who did win the Veto in the end? Matt! What makes that so interesting is that if he does want to save Cody, he could by removing himself from the block. However, he’s more likely to just remove someone else like Jason and secure that Cody goes up.

The competition was only a matter of around two and a half hours, which is actually rather short in comparison to some of the other ones that we’ve seen play out over time. They were also rather quiet at first, probably because this was one of the more emotionless Veto Competitions of the season. After all, it didn’t matter in the slightest what actually transpired right now — it’s only going to be important in the coming days if Cody or someone else can orchestrate a move.

For the record, it does seem as though there are prizes / punishments that were given out as a result of the competition — that’s something that we’ll discuss further likely tomorrow, but it should make for some entertaining feeds overnight. Elena may have taken a prize over the Veto, which is why some people seem to be rather annoyed with her.

We do hope that there are some sort of shifts in the house, even if it doesn’t save Cody, just because this game is more fun when there is chaos happening. Right now, we’re seeing the same people over and over again in danger, and after a while that’s routine and not the most fun thing in the world to see.

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