Poldark season 4 character expectations: What’s next for Demelza?

DemelzaDemelza Poldark went on quite a journey over Poldark season 3, starting with her and ross in a slightly-better state before, once more, the relationship fell off a cliff. This time, you can blame Hugh Armitage to a certain extent for that … but only so much. The biggest cause of the divide between the two remains Ross putting that divide there. He hasn’t been so keen to express himself or to put her first. As a result of some of that, the relationship’s deteriorated to the point where the two no longer have the emotional connection that they could’ve had otherwise. They’ve set themselves up now in a way where the feelings that they have for each other are a little more difficult to get out into the world.

Yet, Demelza did end the season coming back to him, and Ross has started to realize that his wife was right the whole time in terms of what he should’ve been doing in the world. Why didn’t he go ahead and make his political aspirations more clear? What did he have to lose beyond just insecurity?

We know already that Ross will be a mover-and-shaker in season 4 when the story shifts slightly away from Cornwall here and there — but we expect that there is still going to be some time spent there and great stories for some other characters to go along with it, Demelza included. This story is all about identifying some of the best paths for this character and stories that would be interesting to watch.

Seeing her get more politically inclined – Even if she doesn’t have an official post, we’d love to see her become more of a public voice and champion. She’s a true success story, and she would have a way to offer legitimate advisement and support that those around her could admire. She could be a legitimate hero and role model in a way that few others are to women in the region.

Some sort of business success – It’d be interesting, especially in this era, to be able to see Demelza as the person who’s really furthered the Poldark family businesses in a way that actually has them on the road to great success. It’d certainly be a nice change of pace from the norm.

Screen time with Elizabeth – We’re not sure that it’d be great for Demelza to be around Ross’ other great love, but this would offer up a chance to see her Eleanor Tomlinson and Heida Reed do some work together. That’s only happened on a few occasions this season, and it’s few and far between.

Working with Drake to help free Morwenna – It’d be a great chance to watch the siblings in action, and beyond that, it’d help someone else who so clearly needs it. (For the record, you can head over to the link here to read our entire character spotlight about Morwenna.)

What do you want to see happen in Poldark season 4 for the Demelza character? Be sure to share in the comments!

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