Grey’s Anatomy season 14 spoilers: What’s the shape of the hospital?

Grey's Anatomy season 14 spoilersWhen Grey’s Anatomy season 14 first picks up on ABC this fall, how will the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital be faring? When we last saw it, all of the evidence was clear that it was in rough shape. You had the fire, the crisis, and Stephanie almost losing her life. Things often don’t get rebuilt or repaired in a day, so it feels pretty obvious that the hospital will be fixed up over time.

So how are we going to see the hospital when the show picks back up? Kelly McCreary (Maggie) describes that to Entertainment Weekly, while also making it clear in the process that there is a metaphorical reason for the state of the hospital to go along with the physical one:

“There’s obviously some damage to the hospital … But it is, in true Grey’s Anatomy style, a completely surmountable obstacle, because we are superhuman doctors. It serves more as a metaphor of the transformation that the show is going to go through tonally. It’s lighter this season. The hospital definitely is undergoing some changes in the form of a new crop of students coming in. It’ll look a bit different in certain areas, and some relationships have come to an end or are blossoming, so repairing the damage is more of a metaphor.”

We’re down for a lighter tone for most of the season, given that things did get so dark with Jo, with Stephanie, and with so many other characters close to the finale. With that said … this isn’t our first rodeo. We’re well aware of the fact that when you’re talking about Grey’s Anatomy, things often don’t stay all that peaceful for long. There is something that transpires that sends everyone down a pit of despair, and then the wheels come off and you have to figure out how to pick yourself back up.

Also, the same can be said for the hospital as a whole — while it may be patched up after the fires, something terrible will happen to it once more. Remember that this is a place that has endured everything from a torrential storm to a shooting to massive influxes of patients. It never stays peaceful for long. Enjoy the opportunities to catch your breath when you can, and even those may not last long. Remember some of the drama that is coming with Jo’s estranged husband (Matthew Morrison) likely not out of the picture forever and the return of Megan (Abigail Spencer) to Owen and Nathan’s life after being presumed dead for so many years.

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