Dark Matter season 3 episode 11 review: Where is Two — and who has her?

Dark Matter season 3 episode 11 reviewLast week, Dark Matter season 3 went ahead and made the stakes sky-high for the remaining episodes. Sarah was brought back, but in a slightly different form. She’s now an android, and given Three’s history with androids, that could be problematic.

The main story started tonight with the Raza heading towards a Dwarf Star facility, one that may be able to provide some sort of universe-saving technology. Everyone was eager of making the trek down to the facility with one key exception — Three. In between his scary dreams and his overall demeanor right now, he’s not having it. The Android was able to detect fear within him, and this led to the two of them actually having a meaningful conversation. He did his best to hide the sinking feeling that was spiking in his heart as they neared this facility, but over time it became almost impossible to mask it. This only because so much worse after the team landed and we saw so many forces colliding on this single place. It was a birthplace seemingly of many, and the capsules almost remind us of Nibelhelm in Final Fantasy 7 when some of Sephiroth’s clones were seemingly created. Within the show these were simulants, and they also were potential vessels for some of the aliens at the heart of the episode. (More on that in a bit.)

Let’s step back for a moment to discuss what’s going on with Three upon his arrival. Before he collapsed in the midst of a seizure on the facility floor, he made it clear that he’d been there before. This was, after all, the location of so many of his dreams. He was losing his mind and every essence of who he was. As a result of this, he needed treatment … which is probably not the sort of treatment that anyone would want. He was set up for some torture, given that he clearly knew enough about this facility to be an asset. It’s too bad that their attempts to knock him out really didn’t prove to be useful at all. He went on the run, which put everyone in some semblance of danger. (Isn’t Three on the run one of the best versions of Three?)

While the team was on the ground at the facility (and held up by a resistance there), Five took advantage of the opportunity to hack into the defense systems. She did her part to help get them out, but nobody could prepare the Raza for the truth about what was coming…

About the gateway

As it turns out, the real reason for Three’s behavior stemmed from not the location, the mysterious symbiote-like alien creature who was passing through via a gateway/anomaly. Because he’d had it in him before, he had a unique connection to the creature. This was slowly taking over various people on the ship, including Lt. Sajen, one of the people leading the standoff against the Raza team. Everyone aside from our heroes started to turn on one another, and the show certainly did a great job of setting up the dramatic, we’re-all-going-to-die tension courtesy of a nuke that was ready to strike the facility. It was ordered by the man in charge prior to him taking his own life at the alien facility.

We watched the nuke go “boom” with Two still seemingly there; as it turns out, though, she managed to make it off. She’s alive! Unfortunately for her, the person who seemed to rescue her was Alternate Universe Boone. Bad news…

The Android explores her automony

Early in the episode, we did get a pretty amusing interaction between Three and The Android on the ship when she showed off her new outfit. At first, this felt like an amusing little moment, but eventually it led to a pretty powerful scene with her and Two where she opened up about the outfit and how it allowed her to develop a sense of self-value and independence. Also, she said the word “boobs” a lot. (Fun fact: Joseph Mallozzi told us earlier today that he specifically wrote this scene after a discussion with Zoie Palmer.)

Overall Take

First of all, wasn’t it nice to get Kate Drummond of Wynonna Earp on the show as Lt. Sajen? She was a big part of the force who tormented the team prior to it being revealed that she was on Team Alien Symbiote near the end of the episode.

This episode had just about everything you could want — great twists, more backstory, and also a divide that the team now has to overcome. There are only two episodes left, and there is a TON of ground to cover. Grade: A-.

What’s coming up on Dark Matter?

If you head over to the link here, you can see one of the first previews that we have for what’s coming up on the show next. (Photo: Syfy.)

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