Someone’s trying the How I Met Your Mother ‘spin-off’ again…

How I Met Your MotherFor one reason or another, the folks over at 20th Century Fox TV remain as reluctant as ever to let go of the idea of doing How I Met Your Father

The idea of this project (really more of a companion show than a spin-off) first surfaced over at CBS with a How I Met Your Dad pilot — one that was eventually passed over despite having a good cast led by Greta Gerwig. Last year, the studio tried again using This Is Us writer-producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, but that fell by the wayside when the two ended up becoming co-showrunners of the series alongside Dan Fogelman.

Now, apparently the studio is ready to try again, this time bringing in Alison Bennett of You’re the Worst, a very talented writer who knows how to mix comedy with serious topics, to serve as a writer-producer here. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the original showrunners for How I Met Your Mother, would also be on board to executive produce. Because the studio is separate than the network the original series aired on, it’s not necessarily a given that the new version of the show will air on CBS. There are some other options out there, and we’re sure that Fox would want it given that they’re in desperate need of high-rated comedies at the moment.

As for whether or not this show ends up getting picked up, even for a pilot, it’s still FAR too early to tell. It also has to get the script approved and assemble its cast.

But … will anyone watch?

This is one of the bigger questions worth pondering at the moment, given that the ending for How I Met Your Mother is still pretty widely regarded as one of the most-hated finales in recent memory. Personally, we thought it was a disservice to the show and the whole final season, but at the same time, it also doesn’t take too much away from what was otherwise a very entertaining series. There are still so many quotes and wonderful moments that we would not be aware of were it not for the first eight seasons of the show. It should go down in history, and if the idea of a new show is good enough, we’d give it a shot — we just wouldn’t be SUPER optimistic about its chances just because people like to be so cynical these days and it’s easy for people to just discard an idea without even watching it. That’s sad, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Do you want to see another How I Met Your Mother?

Does your feeling towards the original series taint your opinion about the new version in any way? Be sure to share in the comments! Once there is more news to report on when it comes to prospective series, we’ll have that news for you here. (Photo: CBS.)

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