Raven’s Home episode 5 spoilers: Is Nia growing up too fast?

Raven's Home episode 5Raven’s Home episode 5 on August 18 could explore some very interesting story possibilities, with one of the biggest ones being time. How fast does it pass, and does it travel differently based on what’s going on in your life? There are many interesting philosophical discussions to be had here.

For many parents, what they often figure out is that time passes way too fast for their liking. While it may seem in the tough moments as though things are moving at a slow crawl, things find a way of speeding back up and before you know it, your toddler is in school. Then, they’re in middle school. They start looking more like grownups with each passing day.

The title for episode 5 is “You’re Gonna Get It,” and that certainly sounds on the surface like something that an exasperated parent would yell during a moment of frustration. Based on the synopsis below, that absolutely seems to be the case with Raven and Nia.

Raven’s Home episode 5 synopsis – “When Nia sneaks to school wearing makeup against Raven’s wishes, she draws the attention of the 8th grade girls who invite her to hang out.”

Why would Nia want to start wearing makeup? The easy answer is that she may see that as some sort of sign that she has made it to a better social strata: She may think that she fits in more, and she has more “grownup” people within her age range. However, you do also have to think that some of these people have a sense of artificiality about them given that they’re not in the same age range as her and could easily be setting her up for a fall. People in school have a tendency to be very cruel with this sort of thing.

For Raven, her issues could be twofold. For one, she doesn’t like the thought of Nia getting to this stage of her life faster than she would like for her to. Beyond that, though, she may not also appreciate the idea of these new people possibly being bad influences or out to hurt her daughter. She’s going to be protective; Nia may not appreciate it all that much now, but she will down the road when she looks back at all of this. We do wonder if the story plays out how we think it will how many of the show’s viewers will think about it. Will the kids watching understand the complexity of the themes being discussed? Maybe; if nothing else, this could serve as a great avenue for some discussion between parents and their kids.

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