America’s Got Talent: Ranking Darci Lynne, Light Balance, more Golden Buzzers

Darci LynneWho are some of the top Golden Buzzer acts entering the America’s Got Talent live shows? Given that they start Tuesday, this felt like the right time to shine a light on what is a very talented field.

Is there also a beef to be made that it’s a field far too heavy with singers? Absolutely, especially since of this group there are a few who fall all in the same category. Angelina Green, Angelica Hale, and Celine Tam are all female kid singers in the same age range, and our feeling is that they’re going to get all lumped together and it’s going to be harder to separate them individually. We’re ranking here mostly on who we think will make it the furthest on the show, and not necessarily in terms of whatever acts we like the best.

9. Angelica Hale (Chris Hardwick) – This isn’t a testament to her talent, as we just mentioned. It’s more that we feel she’ll probably be lost the quickest in the sea of young singers who are coming into the next round.

8. Angelina Green (Heidi Klum) – It doesn’t really benefit Angelina that her name is so similar to Angelica that it’s easy to get the two of them confused even further. The singer fatigue is going to hurt her.

7. Christian Guardino (Howie Mandel) – At the time following his audition, we don’t think it got some of the attention of some other Golden Buzzer acts. That’s probably going to hold moving into the live shows.

6. Celine Tam (Laverne Cox) – She’d probably be higher were it not for some of the other kid singers we’ve already mentioned. She’s got a voice and a talent unlike almost anyone, but she may need to choose some more current music.

5. Johnny Manuel (Seal) – Very good singer with a ton of soul and the ability to be super-current in today’s landscape. He and our #4 choice are the two singers who we feel have the best chance to be successful beyond just the show.

4. Chase Goehring (DJ Khaled) – He may not have universal appeal given that his music caters to a fairly specific audience; yet, that never hurt Ed Sheeran or Jason Mraz. Much of his success stems from the creativity in his songs, so hopefully he’s got some more coming up.

3. Light Balance (Tyra Banks) – While acts like this don’t typically win, we do wonder if there is some momentum that could spawn out of them being so different from some of the other ones that you are getting to see on the show this season. They’re creative, and their routines are beautiful.

2. Mandy Harvey (Simon Cowell) – She’s not only a very good singer, but there is something so authentic about the music that she brings to life. We’d love her style and her ability even if she wasn’t deemed an inspirational story, but that does help when it comes to America voting.

1. Darci Lynne (Mel B) – She was the first Golden Buzzer this season, she’s dominated in terms of page-views online, and her talent is unique enough that she stands out from the crowd. Terry Fator set the precedent for this sort of act winning, and she’s got an extremely good shot of doing that.

Who is your favorite Golden Buzzer act at the moment? Share in the comments or vote in the poll below!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want to get some more news when it comes to the show! (Photo: NBC.)


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