Nashville season 6 spoilers: Kaitlin Doubleday will return

Kaitlin DoubledayJudging from the end of the season 5, we assumed that Kaitlin Doubleday would be back for Nashville season 6 — we’re just glad it’s now official!

In a new interview with Deadline following the recent events of the finale, executive producer Marshall Herskovitz confirmed the news that Jessie Cane, following the events of the season 5 finale, it going to return. We wouldn’t go so far as to say that she and Deacon are going to become an item, but this is definitely an idea that is on the table:

“Jess will be back, I wouldn’t say more. I don’t think Deacon knows what to do. Such a thing can never be easy for a man, who had dedicated so much of his life to Rayna and their relationship. Moving forward will never be linear and simple. How he moves on with life will be part of what we explore next year.”

Deacon obviously has a great deal that he needs to think about in regards to his relationship with Jessie, namely in that he also still has both Daphne and Maddie to also think about. While they are both old enough to handle the thought of seeing him with someone else, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be emotionless as a response to the news. They’re huge components of Deacon’s life and we’ve seen time and time again now just how much he values their feedback. He also wants to help them navigate whatever their own careers are going to be, and that has to be a consideration in its own way.

In the end, we figure that season 6 will be very much about some of these people finding themselves — you have to remember that they’ve been on this great, emotional journey over the past year in the aftermath of Rayna’s death, and this is not something that anyone is going to get over quickly. It takes some time to recover from that, and we don’t imagine that anyone is going to be completely repaired when season 6 airs. The only thing that we anticipate is that there will be some more opportunities to understand these characters better in terms of what they want for themselves — they may be able to think a little bit more selfishly — and they really deserve to — through the have of some of what they’ve been through in the past.

For the record, you are also going to be seeing more of Jessie’s ex during season 6 — while you may definitely want things to get better for her, she’s certainly not going to be out of the woods just yet, either.

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Meanwhile, if you missed it head over to the link here to get some more information regarding when we anticipate the Nashville season 6 premiere date being at the moment. (Photo: CMT.)

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