Big Brother 19 episode 21 review: Jessica Graf evicted; new HoH revealed

Big Brother 19 episode 21Tonight, Big Brother 19 episode 21 featured the end of the road when it came to Jessica Graf — not that her eviction was really a surprise.

The thing that probably was a surprise was how quickly it got to the eviction tonight — which is probably a good thing, given that there was almost no drama at all with this tonight. She went home, and the vote may as well have been unanimous. Of course, Cody chose to evict Raven. (By the way, we love Kevin asking Julie how she’s doing every time he goes in there.)

We give Jessica and Cody credit for sticking together and being strong through all of the nonsense, given that this is certainly not something that every couple does. Yet, we do think that the whole “it took you 50 days to split us apart” argument is kind of bogus — remember that Cody was evicted from the house once, and one of them would’ve gone home last week were it not for the Halting Hex. Like Paul, they’ve benefited a lot from twists in the game along the way. It’s like calling Victor a great player (much as we love him) even though he was evicted three times in a single season.

In the end, we just wish that there was more of a campaign this week. At least Jessica left classy while Josh was a total tool with that stupid circus music. Jess came off fairly well in her interview with Julie, at least far better than some of the other players in the game. Here’s a quick lesson for some people who want to be on future seasons: This isn’t the time to make fun of someone for getting evicted. Tell them why they were evicted, and then just move on. Alex and Josh just looked super petty. We feel like Paul probably said a little bit more than we saw in his message, but that’s about as far as it went on the show.

The new Head of Household

This was a memory challenge like no other, one that featured a pair of Quick Change artists who we know from America’s Got Talent. This was a cool idea for an HoH, but probably not one that many Jessica/Cody fans enjoyed since he didn’t win, and then he had to watch jumping around in the confetti on the stage at the end of the episode. Cody just had to stand there and watch.

Basically, Alex being HoH at this point feels a lot like Paul being HoH … but look at it this way: If you’re a Raven hater, at least you didn’t have to deal with her in power. That could be hard for some out there to bear.

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