Zoo season 3 episode 7 spoilers: Is someone leaving the team?

Zoo season 3 episode 7When Zoo season 3 episode 7 airs on CBS Thursday night, there will be a sense of urgency (although there always is with this show!). After all, the search for Isaac is intensifying, but to go along with that, there is also another plan in place to try to stop Abigail Westbrook and her pack of hybrids. Abe figured out on this past episode that one of the solutions to that problem was embarking on a treasure hunt of sorts for necessary data — the sort that comes from extracting DNA from all of the different hybrids that are out there. That’s not an easy task, but in the sneak peek below, Jamie is going to get a little bit of help.

So, who’s helping her? It’s none other than Logan, who has managed to secure for her a little bit more in the way of valuable intel on one of the hybrids and where it can be found. This is the good news — the bad news seems to be Logan getting himself a new position, one that could take him away from Jamie and everyone else. He is going to be working with a super secret task force on a super secret mission.

Maybe this comes with security, which is something that you don’t always get traveling on a plane all over the world to take out hybrids/saving the world. Or, maybe Logan just sees this as an opportunity to get away from Jamie and establish more of his own path towards a better future. This is the indication that we get, given that he’s ready to take on a new and different challenge, potentially one that does not involve him having to be near to Jamie and Mitch.

Hey, we get it — Logan is human, and seeing Mitch and Jamie’s relationship evolving could prove difficult for him. He needs to move forward, but we feel like even if he does leave the team, it’s probably not the end of his story. One of the big things worth remembering here about Zoo is that rarely do we lose people forever. Maybe Logan’s super secret mission will have to do with Abigail, or getting the children back?

For the time being, the priorities have to be what they are: Trying to find a way to see our heroes together, working hard in order to stop the hybrids while protecting Clementine in the process. Obviously, the stakes of the entire world are in their hands with Clementine being the only pregnant woman alive at the moment.

Just in case this Zoo sneak peek isn’t enough for you…

Know that we’ve got some other good stuff coming your way! If you move your mouse over to the link here, you can get a little more news as to what’s coming on the show. We’ll have more coming your way tonight via our latest episode review and preview for what’s next. (Photo: CBS.)

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