Poldark season 4 expectations: What’s next for Morwenna?

MorwennaToday in our second edition of our Poldark season 4 expectations series, we’re discussing the breakout star of season 3: Morwenna. Ellise Chappell had a wonderful opportunity to take on this super-iconic character, and we are pleased to say that through the most-recent episodes, she has really delivered for us.

Unfortunately, Morwenna also has probably the saddest journey out of any major character on Poldark in terms of where she started and where her story concluded. In the early part of the story, she was nothing more than Elizabeth’s innocent cousin, brought in to be a governess to her son. The two forged a quick bond, and thanks to her love for Drake Carne, they were almost like their own makeshift family … at least until George needed her to be married off to the Reverend Whitworth and forge more power for himself. This began a dark descent for this character, starting with her refusing to marry him. Eventually, though, it led to her realizing that she had no other choice if she wanted to see Drake freed from George’s capture. She gave birth to a baby with Whitworth, but one she threatened to later murder if he continued to sleep with her against her will.

This is where we are now with Morwenna: She’s been assaulted sexually and destroyed psychologically, and is just starting to get some of her power back. Her sister Rowenna used her own affair with him as a means to kick-start her own life with tremendous finances, and while Drake may still love her, it’s hard to envision scenarios where the two can spend a great deal of time together in the future.

With that, it feels right to put happiness for Morwenna at the top of the Poldark season 4 wishlist. (Don’t worry — we’re not getting into any book spoilers.)

Hasn’t the character suffered enough? It feels right that the character find a way to escape this cruel man once and for all — she may have found a way where she can be spared a sexual relationship with him, but she’s still in her own personal Hell. With Ross set to pursue politics and with Rowenna still out there aware of the affair, we do still see ways Whitworth is humiliated and Morwenna finding her way out of that marriage … and maybe then into Drake’s arms. He hasn’t given up on her and is eternally grateful for the sacrifice that she made in order to ensure his safety.

While we know that Poldark is set in a period in which women’s rights and issues were not always respected, it would be nice to see Morwenna on the other side of her abuse and finding a way to help other abused women in similar situations. She could be a beacon of hope in what is a dark time for many.

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