Nashville season 6 premiere date speculation: When’s it back on TNT?

Nashville season 6 premiere dateFollowing the August 10 finale,  we expect viewers to be curious about the Nashville season 6 premiere date — and understandably so!

Anytime you’re making a great TV show, one of the things that you hope for is that you leave people wanting more and talking about what could be coming up next season. If the network accomplishes that, then the next big question is: When is the show coming back for more episodes? That’s what the producers are hoping for entering tonight’s finale, given that there is nothing more flattering than a demand from viewers to get more of the story.

So when will season 6 premiere? Based on all indications that are out there, early 2018 seems to be a fair bet. The show was renewed by CMT earlier this spring, and we get the sense from them that they would want to see this show last for as long as possible (good news for us all!). It’s a perfect fit for their brand and audience, and given that the series is really more about the industry and the music than it is any one character, we don’t think any one actor is 100% essential to the show’s survival. It’s already survived the exit of Connie Britton, and that was a huge hurdle for it to jump past given that she is one of the most beloved and notable members of the cast.

One other thing that is worth noting is that season 6, (whenever it does premiere) is going to be a slightly shorter episode run than what Nashville brought to the table this time around. After all, it’s only going to be a 16-episode season, which means that it will probably air in batches of eight similar to what The Walking Dead does. It may be a bummer to have a few less episodes of the show a year, but it’s probably for the best. For one, this show is really tough to make over 22 episodes since you’re putting a lot of work on the cast. Also, there’s a heavy music component, and there are some episodes (in retrospect) that feel a little more like filler and aren’t altogether necessary. The show could trim a little bit of the fat and have the show packed with compelling storylines at every turn.

As for where we want to see some of these stories go from here, we’d say that the show could explore a little bit more of Nashville meets Hollywood, or what happens when studios over in Los Angeles tries to utilize the music and the scene for its own personal gain. Nashville may be its own world, but there is some truth to the notion that other communities like to come in and intrude on that.

What do you want the Nashville season 6 premiere date to be?

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