The Flash season 4 spoilers: Sugar Lyn Beard to play Hazard

Sugar Lyn BeardFor those of you curious in some more The Flash season 4 news, this may be rather hazard-ous to your health. Of course, we love puns!

Anyhow, let’s get to some of the good news. According to a new report from Variety, actress Sugar Lyn Beard is going to be appearing on the third episode of the upcoming season in the role of Hazard. This is a familiar adversary to some comic-book fans, and she’s certainly one who is different from most. Back before Rebecca Sharpe gains her abilities, luck is not on her side in any aspect of her life. However, once she is granted some of these powers everything changes! She’s able to use some of her powers for the sake of her own advantage … and to the detriment of some other people. She can manipulate probabilities and cause unexpected problems for other people. Given that we’re talking about something like luck, this may be a difficult sort of adversary for Barry and the rest of the team to take on. How do you fight someone who is this unpredictable? Almost everything within the context of this case could end up turning on a dime.

This is not the only notable casting that we’ve heard about for the fourth season so far. At the top of the list is Neil Sandilands, who is set to take on the role of Clifford DeVoe a.k.a. the Thinker. He is the Big Bad for the season, and someone with a very different sort of powers than we’ve seen from any other villain. There may be some crossover between him and Gorilla Grodd, but we’ve got a feeling that DeVoe is on an entirely different level when it comes to his thinking. Meanwhile, Kim Engelbrecht is the Mechanic — the right-hand woman to The Thinker and someone who is going to be a huge part of the story, as well.

On the good side of the equation, you are going to be getting a chance to see Hartley Swayer in the role of Elongated Man, a guy who can stretch himself out and fight alongside the likes of Barry and company — if he ends up being similar to the version from the comics. Given that Tom Felton does not seem to be returning as Julian Albert for this season, it makes sense that another good guy enters the fray. That’s probably even more significant when you take a moment and think about the unknown status of one Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost. It remains to be seen just what side she is going to be fighting on, despite some suggestions that she could be one of the good guys in the recent Comic-Con trailer.

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