Big Brother 19 episode 20 review: OTEV and moping galore

Big Brother 19 episode 20Big Brother 19 episode 20 was an episode of many things tonight, but really, we’ll remember it for two specific things above all others.

First, you’ve got the return of OTEV, this time in the form of a possessed pig. The poor thing started off all nice and cuddly before turning its eyes around and barfing all over everyone. Hey pig … know what meatballs are often made out of? Even though we’re always afraid that someone is going to murder someone in a head-on collision during this competition, it is one of our favorites. We also love the horror-week theme and some of the shade the show is throwing on the gravestones. (Did anyone see the stone marking the end of Nicole’s second showmance? Priceless.)

Mark ended up winning the competition, not that this should be a surprise to anyone given that he’s built like a tank and could basically block everyone from getting back up to their podiums on that alone. (Okay, slight exaggeration.)

One other thing that we found equally-ridiculous: Mark deciding that he was going to coin Josh “cannoli.” At this point, we’re admittedly confused. Who is a meatball and who is a cannoli? We’re pretty darn sure that Christmas called Josh a meatball earlier … which is it? SO MUCH CONFUSION.

Anyone, the other notable thing about this episode is the show continuing to spend about a million or so hours on the Jessica/Cody showmance. It’s nice that the two have found each other in the game and we wish them well outside of it — there’s nothing wrong with rooting for love. The frustrating thing, no matter how much Cody may not like it, is that this is a game. It’s not about pairing off and hanging out with only one person. They had so many chances to make things better for themselves both before and after the Veto, and they did nothing. Instead, they only made things worse. Have they been mistreated by some other people? Absolutely, but they’ve also been mean themselves. This is Big Brother, and you have to be able to put your own feelings aside if you want to win the game. Now, Jessica is in big trouble despite Elena being Josh’s initial target. Unless Cody wins, he will be following her right out the door.

At this point, we’re done with the moping and the huge showmance segments. It’s time to get back to the game. We will give the show some credit for delivering one of the most entertaining moments of the past few weeks when they editing Christmas’ scooter together like it was a forklift at some sort of industrial site. Also, Christmas playing the temptation was fun since she made it a fun little moment — as did the show focusing on whether or not Josh was going to signal her to play it with a blink. Episode Grade: B.

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