Crime Dynamic Duos: Bull (Bull / Benny) versus Lucifer (Lucifer / Chloe)

Bull / bennyThere are some odd things about this edition of our Crime Dynamic Duos tournament, largely in that we’re talking here primarily about characters who aren’t your typical crime-solvers. Heck, only one of the four characters mentioned in the title for this story is an actual cop. They all do stop some bad people in their own way — or, in some cases, work to ensure that good people don’t end up behind bars. The only real qualifications that we had for this article series were that the characters were likable and that they all did their part to stop various crimes.

Yes, we are also aware that one of these characters is named Lucifer. Just roll with it for a minute here. This competition’s all about good fun, and seeing who our readers think is the best crime-fighting teams on all of TV.

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Still with us? Let’s dive into this battle…

Bull and Benny, Bull (#3 seed) – It’s a first-year show, but in the span of that one year, hasn’t the CBS show amassed a rather incredible audience? Getting stars like Michael Weatherly and Freddy Rodriguez on board is a big part of the reason why. The characters are very good at what they do, and that is help to keep innocent people from being convicted of crimes that they are not guilty of doing … at least for the most part. They’re an effective team in part because Bull has the brains, and Benny has so many of the resources. Without an attorney of Benny’s caliber, there is no way that Bull would get anywhere with what he does. He’s effectively helpless and in need of a little further support on the legal side of things.

Lucifer and Chloe, Lucifer (#6 seed) – Meanwhile, on the other hand here are two people known for solving crimes in one of the most unorthodox ways imaginable: They’re sly, sharp, and of course Lucifer is as manipulative as anyone out there. He’s also so preoccupied at times with some of what he’s got going on that he’s not always useful to the police. When these two are on the same page — or when they’re at least close to it — it’s hard for anyone to get buy them. They are super engaging and at times super-funny partners on the job, and we know that there are people who want them together away from it, as well.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

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