Suits season 7 episode 6 spoilers: Harvey, Paula, and Donna drama

Suits season 7 episode 6With Suits season 7 episode 6 airing on USA in one week’s time, you better be prepared for all sorts of Harvey – Donna drama! This time, it’s of the relationship variety, and that leads to suggestions as to whether or not it could be even juicier than usual.

Here’s the situation as we see it at the moment. Clearly, Harvey has some unresolved feelings for Donna but he’s either repressing it or too afraid to say anything about it. Meanwhile, Donna in turn may have something for Harvey, but he’s been the one in our mind holding that back more than she has. He’s in a relationship with Paula Agard at the moment, and if you think about it, you can view her as a surrogate Donna — he leans on her for advice and understanding, and she’s a highly-intelligent, driven woman. The difference is that there are less stakes built in to the relationship with Donna, given that he hadn’t had an appointment with her for years and he doesn’t have to work with her. We do think that he cares about her, but Harvey’s always been far more tentative in his personal life than he is professionally.

Yes, we are also very well aware of the irony when we say someone is being tentative when it comes to seeing their former therapist, given that there are few risks out there that are greater than that, especially for someone like Paula (even if she’s not in violation of any rules).

This installment is entitled “Home to Roost,” and you can see some more information below.

Suits season 7 episode 6 synopsis – “Mike deals with blowback on his prison case. Harvey struggles to tell Donna about his relationship with Paula. Louis’s past poor behavior comes back to haunt him.”

The reason for Harvey being so tentative here is probably tied to the nervousness that he feels over Donna judging him. Why else treat this as a major secret?

Meanwhile, at some point you’d think that the likes of Mike and Louis would realize that their actions have consequences — heck, with Mike you’d especially think so given that he did just spend some time behind bars thanks to some lies that he told! Yet, that hasn’t happened yet, and here we are again in this same exact position seeing some of these characters have to pay the piper for their past.

As for the attached promo – It makes it very clear that things with Mike are at a breaking point. If he keeps with the prison case, he could stand to lose everything at the firm once and for all.

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