Peter Kraus would consider becoming next Bachelor — still seems like a lock

Peter KrausThere’s something very bizarre about the way the internet is reacting to all things Peter Kraus. For example, there are people on Twitter ranting in all caps about him not getting Rachel Linsday’s heart at the end of The Bacheloretteand refusing to accept for whatever reason that she would choose Bryan Abasolo instead. Yet, there are also going to be these same people likely rejoicing when he inevitably is named the next Bachelor.

It’s crystal clear at this point that if he wants the job, it’s his — there are no other clear contenders. Maybe you can look at someone in Dean Unglert, but he’s already got Bachelor in Paradise and he’s already said that he doesn’t think that he’s ready for that show in the first place. Peter is older, he seems to be in a better place for it, and it’s already a given what the entire focus of the show is going to be: About whether or not he can commit to someone within a span of a few short weeks to propose to them in the end. He wasn’t ready to do that with Rachel, and the questions about his commitment were one of many reasons why that didn’t work out.

Speaking in a new Good Morning America interview, it certainly did feel clear that Peter was open to being the Bachelor, but he’d have to think about it first. That’s fine, given that he’s got the next few weeks to determine for sure that he wants to do it. Bachelor in Paradise will start airing next week, and the trend typically is that the announce of the next Bachelor comes during that. This is the way that it’s been for most of the time that this show is on the air. Having a Peter announcement somewhere in there may also be even more incentive for people to watch — otherwise, most indications when it comes to the show are that it could be somewhat depressing thanks to the Corinne Olympios – DeMario Jackson scandal.

If Peter is The Bachelor, filming for the new episodes will start up this fall. It’s possible that ABC could also consider some last-minute additions to the cast, given that they would probably like to get on there some people who are there genuinely for Peter and because they loved him on this season. This is often the sort of model that they like to adhere to in some shape or form. New episodes will start airing most likely in early January, so be on the lookout for that.

What do you think: Should Peter Kraus become the next star of The Bachelor? What sort of season do you think that we’d have? Share below!

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