Bull season 2 spoilers: Minka Kelly joins Michael Weatherly series as…

Minka KellyIt’s been a while since we’ve been able to pass along any Bull season 2 spoilers. Why not present some great Minka Kelly casting news now?

What we’ve learned today is the the Friday Lights Alum is going to be playing an interesting role on the upcoming season, and in an episode that’s also featuring (as previously reported) Jill Flint. Per Entertainment Weekly, you’re going to see Kelly in the role of Kara Clayton, the much younger wife of a powerful man named Marcus Clayton (played by Ronald Guttman (Preacher, All My Children). He is a media mogul, and she could be set to inherit a massive fortune valued at around $6 billion. Why is that? Well, a great deal of it is going to come out of her stabbing him in retaliation for him stabbing her first multiple times. This violent altercation could bring about a massive windfall for her, but did she play some role in the stabbing that happened in the first place? This is where Dr. Bull comes in.

Per the aforementioned site, you’re going to see Bull (Michael Weatherly) be hired by Marcus Clayton’s family in order to ensure that she is tried for murder. They’ll do everything in their power to help, but things could get even more complicated when Bull learns that Flint’s Diana Lindsay is on the opposite side.

This is certainly not a situation that will feel foreign to Bull in any way when you think for a moment about his history with Diana. She’s bested him before, and can do it again. She’s effective at distracting him, but more than that she’s very much good at her job and calculating within it. It’s all about who can manipulate the jury the most, and she’s been around Bull enough to know some of his tricks.

One of the ideas that seems to be explored coming into this season is that Bull is a bit of a mess. He’s very good at his job, but beyond that his life is littered with various imperfections. He’s not good at keeping his personal relationships together thanks in part to the amount of time that he devotes to his job. We’re looking forward to seeing more of this side of him, and for Weatherly, we have to figure that some of this is going to be fun to play. The more flawed a character, the more fun that it probably is for an actor. We’re already excited to see Kelly take this part on, given that it is rather different than any part she’s played to date. Everyone out there probably knows that we’re a Jill Flint fan in anything that she does.

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