Hawaii Five-0 season 8: How should show address Adam, Kono? (Couples Forecast)

Hawaii Five-0Mrs. Carter: Is there a future for Adam and Kono on Hawaii Five-0 season 8?

We’ll be the first to admit that this edition of our ongoing Couples Forecast series is different than most. After all, we’re talking about a relationship that is going to be presented as offscreen for the upcoming season, and we’re probably not even going to see Ian Anthony Dale for the early parts of the season thanks to his work on Salvation. Eventually, Adam will be a big part of the show, even if Grace Park’s Kono will not. She’s gone, and the show now has a struggle when it comes to how to show the relationship.

Will the marriage stay together? For now, we feel like that’s likely for one simple reason: The love that fans have for these two characters. While we certainly believe that there would be outcry over Park’s departure, imagine if Adam stuck around and the relationship didn’t work out. There are questions that feel as though they have to be addressed.

For example, what happened with the pregnancy test in the season 7 finale? Is Kono pregnant? That’s something the show will need to touch on, and we certainly don’t think that was written into the story with Grace’s potential exit in mind. Beyond that, what’s Adam doing while she is gone? Is he working closer to the Task Force? With Dale a regular, it seems very much like that’s going to be a thing, so hopefully we’ll be clued in on further info there.

From here, you have to figure out how to bring up the relationship on the show — you can’t just pretend like Kono doesn’t exit! You could use Adam as a source for updates as to what she’s up to with the sex trafficking ring, and he could help the show feel a little less like something entirely different. There can be communications via email or off-camera that make us think that she is still around and a part of the ohana.

In the end, we just don’t want to see the relationship between Kono and Adam end given that they’ve been through so much already, and it doesn’t make sense to split them up now just because she’s taking on criminals in another part of the world. It could always be written into the story that he is still seeing her; when he’s not in specific episodes, that may be a reasonable estimation as to where he is. If the writers are smart, there may be some ways that they can use this story to their advantage. We want them to be creative with the relationship, preserving much of what made it great even in the midst of what is a pretty shocking departure even still.

What do you think the future should hold for Adam and Kono on Hawaii Five-0? Be sure to share in the comments!

Also, head over to this link in the event you want some additional news when it comes to the series! Remember that new episodes are going to be airing on CBS this fall. (Photo: CBS.)

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