NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 spoilers: LL Cool J dishes on Sam’s struggle

NCIS: Los AngelesWhen NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 premieres on CBS this fall, life for Sam Hanna will still be tumultuous, and that’s just putting it lightly. It does make a great deal of sense when you consider everything that he’s going through. He just lost his wife Michelle, and after going through that and seeing the consequences that can come with this job, he’s going to want some distance from it all.

So where is Sam going to be during the first episode of the season? Well, signs do point towards him being more isolated from the team than usual. He’s been staying at the beach, not actively working with the rest of the team. Is that going to change? Signs seem to be pointing towards that, or at least some sort of concentrated effort to get him in the direction of rejoining the team.

In speaking on this very subject in a recent interview with ExtraLL Cool J had the following to say on the subject:

“They’re trying to figure out how they’re going to work Sam back into things because he’s really reluctant, so we gotta see how that’s gonna unfold.”

Obviously, we want to see Sam back — that’s a no-brainer — but it also has to make sense for him given that he’s went through the sort of thing that nobody in their right mind would be able to handle all that well. We’re talking about losing a wife, and a huge part of his heart. What’s the point of doing a job if it costs you those close to you? Sam may have to realize that the good that he brings so many other families is worth it, or that Michelle would want him to do this rather than steering clear of the job. This is not an easy situation for the writers to resolve, just because it makes sense that he would want to stay away. It also does make sense that eventually he would consider going back, but this is the sort of decision that does very much depend on the person and there is no right way or wrong way in order to handle it.

Hopefully, we do get to see Sam working alongside some other familiar faces in the team, and that the show establishes some sort of familiarity before too long. NCIS: LA is one of those great comfort-food shows where so much of the reason to watch/enjoy it is because you get to see the same characters week after week go out, be heroic, and take down the bad guys in dramatic fashion.

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