America’s Got Talent video: Pompeyo Family Dogs shine at Judge Cuts

Pompeyo Family DogsTuesday night’s new episode of America’s Got Talent will be the final edition of the Judge Cuts round, and at the end of that, the live shows will be set to begin!

With that, why not share one more sneak preview of some of the fun that’s coming up? This one does feel especially fun since you’re getting a chance to see early a new performance from the Pompeyo Family Dogs. They are by far one of the best dog acts that we’ve seen of this type, which is big, wild, crazy, and there are a million different things constantly going on.

The important thing about this performance to us is that there is some variance in here from what we saw the first time. There were a couple of super-cute tricks, but there even was a slight element at the end with the dog jumping into the owner’s arms. It gives you some comedy, it gives you some really impressive tricks, and there is obviously an element of training and high coordination that goes into this. It still seems fun, and the best thing about it is that all of the dogs seem to be happy to be there. That is the biggest concern that you do have anytime that there is an act like this on the show, but they pass that test easily.

Now, the larger question that we wonder with Seal there as a guest judge is this: Will the group get the final Golden Buzzer? One of the biggest criticisms that we’ve seen of the show this season is that with the exception of Light Balance (the choice of Tyra Banks), every other act this season to get it has been a singer in some way. Even Darci Lynne, who was the first recipient of the Golden Buzzer this season, was an act with a heavy vocal component to it. You want to see some a wide array of different sort of performers rewarded, and not necessarily many of the same sort of people. If the dog act doesn’t get it (the odds aren’t in their favor, given that most other “leaked” auditions haven’t been for Golden Buzzer recipients), we do think that there are some other good candidates that are out there that are dangers, magicians, or other variety performers. Last season seemed to have the best overall balance in the Judge Cuts round.

What did you think about this performance from the Pompeyo Family Dogs, and do you think that they should get a Golden Buzzer? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want some other news on the show, including some recent episode reviews. There will be a review for this episode online tomorrow, alongside our take on the results and also more in terms of the latest Golden Buzzer recipient. It looks to be a busy week! (Photo: NBC.)

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