Madam Secretary season 4: what challenges could President Dalton face?

President DaltonWhen a series has strong sub-characters you know it has all the makings to be a success. For CBS’s Madam Secretary this is the case. One of these sub-characters is President Conrad Dalton. President Dalton is determined, open-minded, and someone audiences have much respect for.

While Keith Carradine has done a fantastic job portraying Dalton into a president fans wish really was in charge, we want to take a look at what could be in store for him during Season 4. Despite not having a strong a presence as some of the other characters, when he is present he brings a lot to the show.

So moving forward into the series fourth season what can the show do with President Dalton?

Put him against Elizabeth –  We have seen in past episodes where Dalton and Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) haven’t see eye to eye on occasions. However, we haven’t seen the two of them really disagree on a particular issue. By having the duo butt heads on an issue will give fans another perspective of each character.

It will also provide some conflict for the series. Typically the conflict will be provided by the “enemy” of the season, but if the series were to make it come from two people who are suppose to be on the same side, it adds a more realistic side of politics to the show.

Bring back Dalton’s son, Harrison – Now we aren’t saying this is confirmed or that it will happen, but it would bring out more of who Dalton is. We know a few things about his past, including him being the former Head of the CIA and a 2nd Lieutenant in the Vietnam War, but we have yet to hear more about his personal life. By having Harrison come back, we see a more human side of Dalton. We see him as a father. Dalton’s son has a few problems that have resulted in an estranged relationship and his return would once again bring more drama.

A international issue that will get the best of Dalton – Fans have seen Dalton and his cabinet solve many international issues, however, we have never seen them fail. In real life, we know our government isn’t perfect so it would be great to see a conflict that got the best of Dalton and his cabinet, including Elizabeth.

Now this isn’t to say they wouldn’t solve said issue in time, but maybe this could be chance for the series to start multi-episode arcs. International issues aren’t always solved in a single hour of TV, so it would be an interesting dynamic that Madam Secretary should consider looking at.

Overall, President Dalton is a strong character who truly makes this show and success and one the series should use to its advantage.

For more news related to Madam Secretarybe sure to visit this link. New season 4 episodes will air starting this fall. (Photo: CBS.)

This story was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at @SAM_iamXO.


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