Crime Dynamic Duos: Chicago PD (Voight / Halstead) vs. Psych (Juliet / Lassiter)

LassiterIn this second edition of our Crime Dynamic Duos tournament today, we’re discussing two shows that we find very entertaining in Psych and Chicago PDWith this being said, we do also think that they are very much different from one another. One contains crime-solving mixed with silly antics and fantastic one-liners, while the other is dark, serious, and at times controversial. The characters within each one are both strong strong, and as a result of that, they have devoted followings.

What does make this entry different is that we’re focusing on two pairs in Voight & Halstead and Juliet & Lassiter who aren’t exactly typical to everyone else in the tournament. So why include them? We explain that in further below along with why we appreciate them as characters.

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Still with us? Let’s dive into this battle…

Voight and Halstead, Chicago PD (#4 seed) – Trying to find proper Chicago PD representation for Crime Dynamic Duos this season was tough, but we felt like Halstead deserved to be here given that he and Lindsay were the winners of the 2016 edition of the tournament. Unfortunately, Sophia Bush is no longer a part of the show; we haven’t really seen Hailey Upton yet with Halstead on a regular basis, so Voight is the next-best option to be paired with him just because he’s at the head of Intelligence and he and Jay do have a strong relationship. you can easily argue against some of Voight’s methods (and you should), but the compelling nature of the show and the stories are likely some of the reasons why so many people watch.

Juliet and Lassiter, Psych (#5 seed) – We’re thrilled that we are getting a chance to see see Psych again given that there is a movie coming later this year. Alas, there may not be that many opportunities to actually see Juliet O’Hara and Carlton Lassiter together; Timothy Omundson suffered a stroke earlier this year, and he has been recovering in the weeks and months since. We’re still including these two in the series despite this because 1) we love them and we want them to be working and laughing together again soon and 2) we hope that this puts it out into the universe so that if there’s a Psych: The Movie 2, Lassiter can have a larger role in it.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

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