Crime Dynamic Duos: Longmire (Walt / Vic) vs. Scorpion (Happy / Toby)

LongmireLongmire and Scorpion are excellent crime shows that each excel at bring a number of great things to the table. They both present great missions/cases, give you surprising twists, and also focus on a very specific set of people you don’t often get to see on TV.

In the end, though, we would argue on a micro level that the characters are the reason why we watch, especially since you’ve got a number of interesting dynamics and casts that feel more like a family. Both shows are worthy entrants in our Crime Dynamic Duos Tournament, where we do our best (with your help) to single out some of the best TV crime-solvers out there. Take a look at why we’ve chosen Walt & Vic and Happy & Toby below!

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Still with us? Let’s dive into this battle…

Walt and Vic, Longmire (#1 seed) – They are one of the most popular crime-fighting pairs on the site, hence the super-strong seeding, and for a good reason: They’re incredibly effective on the job together, but they have the sort of addictive will-they-or-won’t-they charm that so many other great crime TV couples have had over the years. They’re similar and yet different, and constantly committed to the cause to the extent that they may sometimes sabotage their own relationships in order to get the job done. We do think that in the field, their traits suit each other rather well. It’s a little hard to know whether or not that will work outside of the job, but for the time being, we’re happy to just have them working together in the field.

Happy and Toby, Scorpion (#8 seed) – This is a little bit of a different situation in that we’ve got two characters who already are in the midst of a romance, and we find that it only makes them better at what they do. (It’s the ideal many will-they-or-won’t-they couples should look for.) While they’re not typical crime-fighters per se (they don’t arrest criminals, and don’t have traditional badges), what they do is essential for solving problems and often clearing the way for the police. Their strength is that the two are both equals, and this is really the case of one person often being able to pick up and perform skills that the other one cannot.They are yin and yang more so than most other partnerships (especially the romantic kind), but for one reason or another, it works for them here.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

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